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We are so confident that you will love both the service and tuition we provide, BUT I will also back it up with a ⭐️  Money Back Guarantee should you not be delighted with our service or tuition. 

I built Mark Jordan Driving School back in 2012. To do this, I have had to continually be different and offer something EXTRA. 
We already have more Customer Reviews than a lot of our competitors and we now offer you the chance to try us with a Money Back Guarantee.

We operate an ALS (Accelerated Learning System) to ensure that you receive maximum value for your money, and you learn the driving syllabus in the most practical way and are ready for test in the shortest time possible.

Our Driving Instructors have been trained to a very strict criteria and should they fall short on any aspect of the criteria listed below…

I will Refund Your Lesson Fee

⭐️ If your instructor does not start the lesson with a recap of previous learning.       – Your lesson fee refunded

⭐️ If your instructor does not discuss with you and agree a firm objective                  – Your lesson fee refunded

⭐️ If your instructor does not make it very clear how the risk will be shared               – Your lesson fee refunded

⭐️ If you feel that your instructor did not show patience                                                 – Your lesson fee refunded

⭐️  If you don’t feel you received quality tuition                                                                – Your lesson fee refunded

Our Guarantee runs for the duration of your tuition

Should you feel that we have not lived up to your expectations with either the service we offer or the quality of the tuition……… 



  • Call customer services within 24 hours of your lesson to explain your concerns over the service or the tuition that you received.
  • Give the name of your driving instructor along with the lesson time and date.
  • Explain the full details as to why you were not satisfied with either the service or the tuition you received.

I will sanction a full lesson refund.

*Refunds do not apply to cancelled lessons or to lessons on test day.