Driving Lessons Pricing

Our Pricing Starts From £23.00 per hour 

If you take advantage of our Beginners Deal of 10 hours at £230 paid in advance, you will benefit from your first 10 hours of driving lessons being equivalent to £23.00 per hour.

After your initial 10 hours Beginners Deal our pricing is very competitive 

   1 Hour Lesson – £29.00  We No Longer Offer 1 hour Lessons

   2 Hour Lesson – £58.00 

  10 Hours            – £280.00 


The cost of learning to drive depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of lessons, how much driving experience you already have, and how much private practice you do. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency advises that it can take on average 45 hours of professional tuition and 22 hours of private practice to pass a driving test. 

We Strongly recommend 2-hour Lessons not only will you learn and retain more you will also get to test Standard a lot quicker. Based on the info above from the DVSA if you take 1-hour lessons it will take you 1 Year to Pass, Taking into account holiday etc. If you take 2 Hour Lessons it will take you around 6 Months. 

So How much should a driving instructor charge for driving lessons? 

The price of a driving lesson is only one of the factors that you should consider when making your choice of driving instructor. 

It’s not like buying a new pair of jeans where several retailers will all have the same product and you just shop around for the best deal. 

Driving instructors cannot be compared like for like. They may drive around in similar tuition vehicles but the instruction they give can vary enormously. Some driving instructors once qualified never take any additional training to keep up with new developments. Can you imagine a Doctor or Nurse never taking further training?

Other driving instructors take part in CPD which is continued professional development, this ensures that they are at the forefront of the many changes taking place within the industry.

People often look for a driving Instructor who is “good and cheap” unfortunately the two rarely go together as many have found to their cost, but only after wasting hundreds of pounds. 

Value for money 

There are driving Instructors who are reliable, have first class teaching skills, years of experience, high pass rates and many satisfied customers. These types of Instructors stay busy for a very good reason, not because they are the cheapest in town but because their customers learn in fewer lessons and benefit from top teaching skills. 


On the other hand, some driving Instructors still teach old methods and have poor customer service skills.