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Mark Jordan Driving School

Kick start your lessons if you have never driven before.
Just £260 for your first 10 hours.

Block book driving lessons

Continue to save, by buying in blocks of 10 hours.
Just £290 for each 10 hour block.

2 Hour Driving Lessons

2 Hour Lessons

With 2 hour lessons pupils learn and retain more information, practicing each subject longer giving you better understanding. Getting you to test standard in a fraction of the time.

Driving lessons Mark Jordan

A Fixed Lesson Time

All our pupils will benefit from a fixed weekly 2 hour slot. This helps you plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will be at the same time and on the same day every week.

Money back guarantee - Mark Jordan Driving

A Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love both the service and tuition we provide, I will back it up with a Money Back Guarantee should you not be delighted with our service or tuition.

We pride ourselves with our continued success. Read why pupils actually
choose Mark Jordan Driving for their tuition

driving instructors in Coalville - Ben

Customer Review Coalville – Ben Passed 1st Time

My most important criteria when picking a driving school and instructor was to find a school who tailor lessons to your individual ability.
Mark Jordan Driving surpassed this expectation with Andy my allocated instructor fine tuning the specific bits of my driving that needed improvement.
Andy made sure that there was the theory was there behind whatever we were doing. My two hour lessons were enjoyable and after 10 lesson including my test, I was able to pass 1st time with confidence.
I’m excited to take advantage of the many opportunities driving brings.
Thank you Mark Jordan Driving School and thank you Andy my instructor for the amazing teaching.

Ben – Coalville – Google Review

driving instructors in Loughborough - Will passed

Customer Review Coalville – William Passed 

When I was looking for which driving school I should pick, I was looking for which school was the most reliable, patient, and the safest, and Mark Jordan Driving stood out.
I had a look at the reviews and saw that all the instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable. My driving instructor was Andy Tyler, when I first met Andy he was really friendly and patient.
He made sure I was 100% safe on the road before taking me on any busy roads by driving on quiet roads first. I looked forward to Andy’s lessons every week. He also went the extra mile for me working on his day off to make sure I passed.
Andy’s teaching methods made me pass my test with only 1 minor. In conclusion I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who wants to pass their test safely and affordable.

William – Coalville – Google Review

driving lessons in coalville, driving instructors in coalville, driving lessons near me

Customer Review Coalville – Millie-Jane Passed

When choosing a driving school, I looked for a driving school who was flexible , offered fair prices as well as delivering a quality service. The personal reviews from past students also allowed me to have lessons with Mark Jordan Driving as I felt confident with the level of expertise, pass rates and student experiences.
My instructor Matt, came up with varied lessons to build my confidence of easing my anxiety of driving which made it enjoyable and fun to learn. Matt was very approachable , patient and always went above and beyond to answer my questions and often gave me visual experiences via the ipad to recap and help me understand what I was going to be doing in the driving lesson.
The lessons with Matt, was always enjoyable as he made me feel at ease whilst having a laugh! I especially like the feedback on my lessons which are sent via email as it made me be prepared for my next lesson as well as practicing in my own car outside of my lessons.
When first ever driving I did not expect it to be that difficult with everything going on. However after each 2 hour lesson my confidence built up over time making driving an easy and enjoyable experience. In which now I feel very confident on being on the road.
Overall I 100% recommended Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!
Millie-Jayne, Coalville
Mark Jordan Driving

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our Accelerated
Learning System

Mark Jordan Driving

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You Ask - We Answer
Our 6 Most Asked Questions

Will I Drive on my First Lesson?

You will definitley drive on your first lesson. Your driving instructor will drive you to a quiet and safe area to start and go over some basic training that you will need to perform each time you get in the car, we call this the 'Cockpit Drill'.

Once you are familiar with this they will then give you a full briefing about driving the car and get you to have a go whilst they talk you through every step of the way.

You can download our FREE PDF that will go into more detail about your first lesson.

Your first driving lesson is the start of our 'Accelerated Learning System' to help you to test in the shortest time, saving you money and frustration along the way.

How Many Lessons Per Week?

We strongly recommend having 2 hour lessons.

By having a 2 hour lesson you will learn far more and be test ready in half the time.

Taking a regular 2 hour lesson once a week will give you more time to practice the subject you are currently learning, you retain the information better and as mentioned you will be test ready sooner.

If you book with us your chosen lesson slot will be the same time and day every week so you can plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will always be the same.

What is Your 1st Time Pass Rate?

We are very proud of our 1st time pass rate and our driving instructors deserve a lot of credit for their hard work.

Its impossible to give the exact % as we have tests almost every day so it will continually change.

You only have to read our reviews here on our site and also on Google to see how happy our pupils have been with both our service and their lessons.

We want you to choose the right driving school for your tuition and not to become one of the 30% of local pupils who change their instructor half way through their tuition.

Do You Offer Block Bookings?


We strongly recommend booking in blocks of 10 hours. This will give you a discount of £4 per lesson based on our pay weekly price. If you have paid for 10 hours and decide you need to stop for whatever reason we will happily refund any credit you have remaining.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

It's really hard to know until you start your lessons .

Using our 'Accelerated Learning System' we find pupils achieve test standard sooner rather than later.

If you book lessons in blocks of 10 hours and at the end of those 10 hours you feel you are not ready, book another 10 and so on until you feel ready and feel you are a safe driver.

If you book in 10's and end up taking your test with paid hours still  left over, we will happily refund the remainder.

Do You Pick Up Or Do I Meet You?

All our instructors will pick up and drop off locally. We can pick up after college or work and drop you back at home. Pick up from home and drop off at work or college.

As long as it is local we will even drop you off for your dentist or hair appointment in town.

As long as you let your instructor know at the beginning of the lesson or text them the day before they will be happy to help.

Why Choose
Mark Jordan Driving

    • Fully qualified instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons in Coalville.
    • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages, block bookings and refresher lessons.
    • Many Students search driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area, so we don’t have to be the nearest.
    • Which instructor do you choose, when some driving instructors are cheap and lack reviews?
    • It’s often a big mistake to choose driving schools in coalville who are the cheapest and buy on price alone. It may cost more to learn in the long run.
    • We are nearby for new drivers and highly rated by our customers which is great news.

    Mark Jordan Driving School have been offering driving lessons in Coalville since 2012. And have built a reputation of being your local, friendly and patient driving school in the Coalville and Whitwick area by new drivers.

    Driving Lessons Near Me

    Many customers search for driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area, so we don’t have to be the nearest. Customers will benefit from local family values which has helped with the tremendous success rate of the school. Along with the extremely popular ‘Beginners Deal’ and ‘Money Back Guarantee’ that has been running since 2012.

    Safety in Mind

    With fully qualified driving instructors in Coalville all operating in the local Coalville area including Whitwick, Hugglescote and surrounding villages. Who have all been DBS checked and registered for your safety. This means they will be on the register of approved driving instructors ADI. There is also a choice of both male and female driving instructors depending on your preference that offer advice for nervous learners looking to start their first driving lessons. You will also be able to choose between manual and automatic cars with affordable packages. Including bundles, block bookings and deals for beginners. Refresher sessions are also available for fully qualified licence holders, should you wish to brush up on your driving skills.

    Goal Setting

    The driving tuition offered is client centred, that means you are not told what you are going to do. But you will be able to discuss a plan of action that you are comfortable with. A good example of this would be, where the teacher suggests that a rural drive would be appropriate at your stage of learning within the syllabus. But you may feel that you are not quite ready, and you may prefer to revisit a previous subject for your own reassurance before moving on.

    Is ‘Cheap’ Best?

    Many students and parents wrongly assume that all driving schools and instructors are the same. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. The practice of simply choosing lessons on price alone and looking for the cheapest is fast changing. As so many people are now turning to customer reviews to seek the top tutors before making a purchase. Whether it’s the pupil that is paying for their tuition with their own hard-earned money. Or a parent that has been tasked with finding suitable driving lessons in Coalville with a reputable training provider. They will both want the best and most compatible tutor to ensure a successful outcome.

    Be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing private instruction on a near me basis. As almost all tutors will offer a pick up and drop off service within the local area and choosing the nearest or nearby is not necessary. It would be wise to seek out those that are top rated, trusted and recommended by previous students.

    Finally we DO NOT attempt to compete with “Cheap” driving lessons but compete with customer success.

    Your goal is to pass 1st Time, it’s our goal too.

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