Am I Ready To Take My Driving test?

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So Am I Ready To Take My Driving Test?

Here at Mark Jordan Driving we understand that everyone wants to pass their driving test 1st time and we are proud to say we have a fantastic 1st time pass rate.

We also know pupils fail and recently the DVSA have published that during 2022 out of every 100 tests conducted 53 resulted in a fail.

So how do you know when you are ready? You and your instructor will know you are ready when you can drive safely, without any mistakes or prompts from your instructor all whilst keeping your nerves under control. And this needs to be consistent lesson after lesson and whilst having private practice with family if this option is available to you.


This DVSA Video will give you an insight as to how the driving test is conducted

This DVSA Video will explain the Tell Me question you could be asked

This DVSA Video will explain the Show Me question you could be asked

What if I make Mistakes on My Driving Test?

1 in 5 people fail their driving test due to a ‘silly mistake’ if you are making silly mistakes whilst on lessons or during private practice then you are not ready to drive safely on your own and more practice is needed.

One of the best ways to test you are ready is for your instructor to carry out a Mock Driving Test with you. All instructors at Mark Jordan Driving will conduct Mock Tests with you during your training.

Keep Track of Your Progress.

The first thing to do when you start your driving lessons is to keep track of your progress, here at Mark Jordan Driving all our instructors use a reflective log during your lessons. This will show you on a weekly basis how you are doing with each module in the syllabus. It is marked on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being introduced and 5 being completley indepenedent and not needing any help from your instructor. This log is emailed to you at the end of every lesson so you have a hard copy that can be used whilst having private practice.


DVSA Ready To Pass.

You may have seen recently that the DVSA have launched a campaign to help you know when you are ready to pass your driving test. The campaign consists of various materials to help you understand the importance of being ‘Ready To Pass’

For ease of access we have added the DVSA rescource links here all in one place, just click the relevant module for more information on the topic.


Am I ready to take my driving test?
Top Reasons for failing the driving test
supervising a learner driver

What The DVSA Say…

The instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of his/her vehicle for a driving test.

When using the instructors vehicle for a driving test the vehicle is the responsibility of the pupil, the examiner is only present to conduct the driving test and will only intervene in the interests of public safety and that of their own and the pupil.

When your instructor presents you for test the examiner would expect your instructor to only take you if you are deemed ready for test.

Your instructor is also assessed on the outcome of your test, your performance is a reflection on your instructors performance.

The DVSA monitors data for the pupils taken to test, (average number of driving faults per test, average number of serious faults per test, percentage of tests where the driving examiner had to take physical action in the interests of public safety & overall pass rate) these are triggers for your instructor to be called for a standards check. Your instructor will only take you to test if you are ready to pass.

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