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Accelerated Learning System

We operate a Unique Accelerated Learning System or ALS to ensure you learn as fast as possible and also receive the maximum value for your money.

Let me expalin how it works! 

 All of our Driving Instructors have come through our internal and very comprehensive training program.

They have all had additional training on the client centred learning that the governing body (DVSA) promotes.

If you are a parent reading this, it will be so different than when you learnt to drive yourself!

You may recall driving around and around for hours until the task finally sunk in (learning by rote)

Driving Lessons “SHOULD” now be interactive, and client centred, where the student is able to discuss and choose their learning process.

This is proven to accelerate the learning process and as a result save money as well as wasted time and frustration.

All our instructors use ipads during the lesson and the Accelerated Learning Sheets you see here will be e-mailed to every pupil at the end of their lesson, so they can reflect on their lesson ready for the next or even use them if practicing with friends and family. 

We use unique driving lessons record sheets to ensure that both our instructors and their students adhere to best practices.

Lesson Sheet Example:

Re-Cap Last Lesson & Today’s Lesson Objectives?

Here the instructor will ask questions about the pupils last lesson and ensure they remember what and why they were learning and to ensure understanding was learnt. The pupil and instructor will then agree the objective for this weeks lesson.

Why this objective?

The objective agreed could be more practice of the previous lesson, something that cropped up that the pupil was struggling with or a completely new subject.

Were There Any Other Areas Identified That Need Remedial Action?

This could be something the pupil has wanted to go over that maybe doesn’t need a complete lesson to iron out, for example not checking blind spots when needed.

How Will Responsibility be Shared?

Here the instructor and pupil will agree who is doing what and when. For example the pupil maybe covering roundabouts and the pupil would like to do the approach by themselves independently but need a talking through when to join.

What Went Well?

At the end of the lesson the pupil will be encouraged to talk about their lesson and about what they done well or improved on.

What Didn’t Go Well?

Here the pupil will be encouraged to talk about what didn’t go well during the lesson.

What Does The Pupil Want To Look At Next Lesson.

The instructor will ask the pupil what ‘they’ would like to look at next lesson, this could be a completely new subject or the areas identified that didn’t go well on the current lesson.

Any Suggestions By The Instructor & Why?

If the instructor has suggested something then they will let the pupil know and let them know why they have suggested it.

Our Driving Deals From £25 per hour

driving lessons beginners deal

‘Beginners Deal’

If you’re a new Learner, why not take advantage our popular

‘Beginners Deal’ your first 10 hours for just.. £250

This will SAVE you £50 compared to our Pay Weekly price
helping to kick start your driving lessons.

block book driving lessons

‘Block Booking Deal’

If you purchase driving lessons in blocks of
10 hours.

We will give you a discount of £4 per lesson. compared to our Pay Weekly price

Just £280 per 10 Hour Block

Don’t forget you can still take the ‘Beginners Deal’ first if you are a new Learner.

What’s Included With Our Deals

Great Savings

SAVING Over Our Pay Weekly Package

If you choose our 10 hour ‘Block Booking’ package you will make a SAVING of £4 per lesson compared to our ‘Pay Weekly’ package. Over the course of your tuition this could be financially beneficial.

Plus you can still take the ‘Beginners Deal’ first if you are a New Learner

Unlimited Access

To Theory Test Pro Premium

When you join Mark Jordan Driving you will have FULL FREE access to Theory Test Pro. This online theory practice software is an invaluable resource. It will help you gain the knowledge needed to pass the theory test and bring your driving lessons to life.

2 Hour Lessons

You may be thinking about 1 hour lessons and that’s absolutly fine, we just feel they don’t offer value for money and they prolong your learning period substantially.

With 2 hour lessons pupils learn and retain more information, you get to practice each subject longer giving you better understanding. If you live a distance away from your training town where your test is held  by the time you have driven there it’s time to come home. And finally you get to test standard in a fraction of the time, our average is 5-6 months.

So should you wish to take less than 2 hour lessons, we would not be the right school for you, as we only conduct 2 hour lessons.

100% Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love both the service and tuition we provide, I will back it up with a Money Back Guarantee should you not be delighted with our service or tuition.

Money Back Guarantee

Fixed Weekly Slot

All our pupils will benefit from a fixed weekly 2 hour slot. This helps you plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will be the at the same time on the same day every week. Unlike other driving schools you don’t have to ‘Book’ a lesson week to week not knowing if you will get to have a lesson because your instructor has no slots left.

Our ALS System

⭐️ SAVES You Money

⭐️ Learn Faster

⭐️ Saves You Time

⭐️ Less Frustration

⭐️ Proven Results


We pride ourselves with our continued success. Read why pupils actually choose Mark Jordan Driving for their tuition

driving instructors in Coalville Dan passed first time

Customer Review Coalville – Dan Passed 1st Time

When choosing a driving instructor, it was important to me to find someone that would be professional, patient and friendly.
I found Mark Jordan Driving to have everything I was looking for along with the best reviews in the area and a great success rate.
My driving instructor Andy is very patient and calm and makes learning to drive very achievable, he builds a great team “can do” atmosphere. The two-hour lessons fly by, but this gives you the time to put into practice what you are learning.
Andy answers all my questions while putting it in a way that you can understand and relate to. He makes sure you are confident with what you have learnt and achieved before moving onto the next step, allowing you to progress at a pace you are comfortable with.
Using his iPad is a great way help to explain what we were learning about and enables you to visualise what you need to do.
I would 100% recommend Mark Jordan Driving to everyone looking to learn to drive. I especially like the level of feedback on my lessons via email and that the lesson plans were emailed to me so that I could prepare. Great experience.

driving instructors in ashby Leah passed first time

Customer Review Ashby – Leah Passed 1st Time

The most important criteria when choosing my instructor was having someone with patience and good recommendations that would be friendly and trustworthy and Mark Jordan Driving School certainly ticks all those boxes.

Learning to drive was a lot more complicated than I expected and Mark who was my instructor reassured me and helped me practice until I got everything spot on every single time.

Marks teaching methods were exceptional and he made sure that I felt super confident about every single aspect of driving so that on my test day I was confident and ready. I was always asked if there was any things I would want to cover before my lessons so that all the things I wasn’t confident about or worried about were covered.

He also used email frequently to send me my driving notes (how I’d preformed in that particular lesson) so I’d know what to improve on and I could also see the improvements in particular areas of my driving and I’d know in advance what we were covering on the next lesson.

I would seriously recommend Mark Jordan driving school to everyone because they are  friendly and really helped me with my overall confidence.

driving instructors in ashby. -Max passed first time with Mark Jordan Driving

Customer Review Ashby - Max Passed 1st Time

When looking for a driving school, I wanted one everyone had passed with first time.

When looking online I saw Mark Jordan Driving and saw they’re amazing reviews. My instructor Richard was perfect I always felt reassured and supported even when I made mistakes.

I never felt overwhelmed by what he was teaching me and he would always ask what I would want to do next and if I was happy with what we were doing. I had two hour lessons which were perfect as I would like to drive to burton from ashby.

Richards teaching methods We’re great he would always explain it to me on the iPad very clearly Richard was also a great laugh which helped the process.

I’m so glad I picked Mark Jordan Driving, I would not even think about using anyone else to get you to pass and to drive safely on the roads after you pass.

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