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Accelerated Learning

We operate an ALS (Accelerated Learning System) to ensure that you receive maximum value for your money, you learn the driving syllabus in the most practical way and are ready for test in the shortest time possible.

As you progress through the sylabus you will feel more inclined to share with your instructor what you feel went well or didn’t on each lesson.

This helps with discussing what you would like to concentrate on each lesson, so if for example you felt your observations were a bit rusty on junctions then we could put a plan together and tackle the issue together.

At the start of every lesson your instructor will ask you what you remember from last lesson, what went well and what would you like to concentrate on for this this lesson and they will jot it down on your progress log.

At the end of the lesson you can then discuss with your instructor the points above ready for the next lesson, and they will fill out your log and email it you. This will help if you are doing private practice as you will know what to work on, and by having a read 10 minutes before you next lesson with your instructor, you will have a good idea what the lesson is going to entail.

This is a copy of the reflective log your instructor will use on each lesson and remember if they don’t use this log on every lesson you could get your lesson FREE as this is linked to our 5 ⭐️ Money Back Guarantee

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