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Driving Instructor Reviews For Coalville

Please have a read of our previous pupils reviews and why they chose Mark Jordan Driving for their lessons

Mark Jordan Driving in Coalville takes pride in the glowing reviews from our former students, showcasing our commitment to top-notch instruction and unparalleled support. Transparently displayed, these testimonials offer valuable insights into why our driving school stands out. Our instructors, celebrated for expertise, patience, and effective teaching methods, go beyond education—they serve as mentors, guiding learners toward confidence and skill on the road.

Echoed throughout the reviews is our instructors’ personalised approach, tailoring lessons to individual learning needs. Whether you’re a novice or refining skills, our commitment to personalised learning contributes significantly to our students’ success stories. The testimonials also highlight the positive and encouraging learning environment at Mark Jordan Driving, creating a supportive space that eases the anxieties of learning to drive.

Moreover, the testimonials emphasise our driving school’s focus on safety and responsible driving. Students appreciate the comprehensive training, covering technical aspects and instilling a sense of responsibility on the road. This holistic approach prepares students not just for passing their test but for a lifetime of safe and confident driving.

Perusing these testimonials reveals consistent themes of gratitude and satisfaction from individuals who’ve successfully obtained their licenses with Mark Jordan Driving Coalville. The impact of our instructors is evident in enhanced driving skills, confidence, and independence gained through our comprehensive programs.

In conclusion, the testimonials proudly displayed speak volumes about our driving instructor’s quality and our students’ success. Explore these reviews to understand why Mark Jordan Driving in Coalville is the preferred choice for those on the journey to becoming skilled and responsible drivers. Join the ranks of satisfied students who confidently passed their tests under the guidance of Mark Jordan Driving.

Adam Passed

young man standing next to grey driving instructors car in coalville

Read Adam's Review
I struggled initially with learning to drive through an instructor over in Coventry. It was manual lessons and found it extremely difficult to grasp the concept with a manual gearbox also the instructor was very difficult and not the friendliest.
My criteria was to go for automatic lessons to help this and speed up the process of passing.
Due to the fact I didn’t get on with my previous instructor I felt it was important that my new instructor was friendly and easy to get along with . I felt I was going to achieve these through 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 and wasn’t disappointed.
I was worried to begin with that I would still find driving difficult and that it would take me a while to get used to , however that wasn’t the case. Each lesson was made super easy and straight away felt confident I was going to make progress quickly.
Andy Tyler was my Instructor and how glad I am that it was!
Andy was absolutely fantastic from start to finish . Straight away made me feel extremely comfortable and manage to have a few laughs along the way too.
Each lesson was planned really well and Andy made sure I understood each lesson and grasped what I was being taught before moving onto another topic.
Andy never over complicated any situation making it really easy to learn new things when driving . Also using aides such as the iPad to help with scenarios really helped.
I remember one particular roundabout I was struggling with lane discipline . The next lesson Andy took the time to get a Google earth view of the roundabout and showed me in depth where I should be positioned on each exit . I thought this was the perfect way to show me how to do it correctly . Also I felt he was going the extra mile to ensure I understood.
I would recommend 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 soley down to the care they have for there learners and specifically Andy Tyler as I couldn’t ask for any more from him.

Adam – Coalville – Google Review

Adam Passed 1st Time

adam passed driving test in grey driving instructors car in Coalville with Mark Jordan driving

Read Adam's Review

I initially chose Mark Jordan Driving after reading many other highly positive reviews, and I have to say, they are 100% accurate!

They made me feel wanted right from the beginning; I was initially only able to do lessons at specific times, but they were incredibly helpful in making making sure I could fit in.

My instructor, Andy Tyler, was possibly the most patient person I have ever met! No matter how many times I took a corner too wide, bumped a kerb, or braked too late, he never got annoyed, and calmly explained how to do these things properly and safely.

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Mark Jordan Driving School; thanks to Andy, I was able to pass on my first attempt!

Adam – Coalville – Google Review

Adam Passed

driving lessons in Coalville man standing by grey driving instructors car

Read Adam's Review
As an older student who has only rode a motorcycle I was apprehensive about stepping into a car. The frightful thought of a large metal box that has a reverse gear filled me with dread. I took to Google to find driving instructors in my area and phoned a few. Straight away Mark Jordan’s Driving School felt well organised and very welcoming.
I waited patiently for spaces to become available and was quickly paired with Andy who was the designated instructor in my area.
On my first day when Andy picked me up I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in a short space of time he put me at ease, creating rapore and showing me a slow, steady and structured approach. He was careful and built up my skills slowly so I retained my new found confidence.
I put my trust in Andy because he created lesson plans ahead of time which were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. We would discuss our lessons and he would write notes that we would revisit in the next lesson. It also really helped me that Andy is also a biker. This meant he was able to explain things in a language I understood and could then adapt to my new found driving skills.
Andy was always on time and the 2 hour lessons were excellent to cover a lot of tuition and get heaps of practice in.
Andy said something when we first met and it stuck with me “I’m not teaching you to pass your test, I’m teaching you to be an excellent driver for the rest of your life”
And that statement he made is absolutely true! Yes, I’ve passed a test, but with the skills he taught me I came away feeling confident and safe behind the wheel. Finally excited to step into the metal box and reverse into any space😊
I highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School. From the time I first called, to the moment I was dropped off at home with my test pass certificate it was a wonderful and professional experience.

Adam – Coalville – Google Review

Lily Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Coalville -

Read Lily's Review
The most important thing for me when choosing a driving school was being able to fit in my driving lessons around my college and football commitments.
Carly my instructor at Mark Jordan Driving was very flexible and made sure she could accommodate these, she would even pick me up, drop me off at college or work so that I could get a lesson in.
Another important thing for me was having an instructor that was friendly, patient and that made me feel at ease, Carly was definitely all those things.
She would help me build up my confidence at my own pace and would never put too much pressure on me, but she also challenged me when I needed to be, and pushed me out of my comfort zone, which helped a lot to progress.
I always felt comfortable asking questions, we also had some laughs and nice chats which helped me to feel relaxed while driving. I would 100% recommended Mark Jordan Driving school, and Carly my instructor thank you for helping me to pass first time.

Lily – Coalville – Google Review

Finlay Passed 

Driving instructors in Coalville - male next to green learner car

Read Finlay's Review

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School as I had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor and wanted to get back on the road.

My instructor Carly was the perfect instructor, she was always willing to go the extra mile to help me succeed.

The way Carly would help me identify my strengths and weaknesses really helped me excel with my driving to help me pass quickly. . I would strongly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and Carly

Finlay – Coalville – Google Review

James Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Coalville - Jmaes passes first time

Read James's Review

Given the limited availability of many driving instructors, I was delighted that Mark Jordan Driving School were able to accommodate me and even offer a lesson schedule to fit around my school commitments. I got a helpful text reminder just before each lesson which came to good use at times when I was busy with school-work!

After failing my first test with another driving school, I looked for a change of teaching and after 12 hours I was ready for test. The teaching was comparably much more informative and time-efficient with my instructor, Carly, bringing a positive and cheery approach to every lesson which made the learning environment constant fun.

My instructor, Carly, was extremely helpful with a calm and reassuring approach to teaching that made the lessons comfortable and productive. I was impressed by her extended knowledge of the local test centre (Loughborough) and possible routes that can only be learned through years of experience.

After 12 hours I felt confident to take my test and was sad that driving lessons with Carly had to end after I passed!

I’d recommend Mark Jordan Driving School, and especially my driving instructor, Carly, to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to learn to drive and be test-ready. I can’t recommend Carly and the school enough. Thank You!

James – Coalville – Google Review

Dylan Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in coalville

Read Dylan's Review

When choosing a driving school, I made sure to research so I would pick the right one for me.

The reviews were amazing for Mark Jordan driving school and they have fantastic pass rates. My instructor, Andy, was patient with me and made me feel relaxed and at ease. He encouraged me the whole way through which really helped my confidence.

I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan driving school!
Thank you for helping me to pass first time!

Dylan – Coalville – Google Review

Aiden Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Coalville - Aiden passes driving test

Read Aiden's Review

After finding Mark Jordan Drving School highly rated online, I booked my lessons with them and had the pleasure of being taught by Carly. The most important thing a driving instructor can do, aside from teaching of course, is to make the student feel relaxed, and I always felt relaxed and comfortable during my lessons.

The note taking at the end of the lessons, and the discussions that are a part of it really helped me to understand what I had learned and helped keep track of my progress. Previous instructors I have had simply end the lesson with a ‘goodbye’ and thats it.

In conclusions, I would HIGHLY reccomend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Aiden – Coalville – Google Review

Harry Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Coalville

Read Harry's Review
The most important criteria when choosing a driving school for me was having driving instructors that have great patience and I found that with Mark Jordan driving school.
I also needed a driving school which was able to fit around my education too which they was able to do.
I had Andy Tyler as my instructor and can’t recommend him enough as he patient when explaining complex things that required great detail of how to control the clutch and choose the correct gears in time for the event.
Andy used an I-pad which helped me understand complex situations in a visual representation which helped me visual it and then implement it.
I found this to be one of the best methods of teaching as I could understand how to do things such as roundabouts or junctions. Andy covered everything that was on my practical test in great detail which was very helpful on the day.
I would recommend Mark Jordan driving school to anyone who wants great teaching and driving instructors that explain everything in detail.

Harry – Coalville

Adam Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Coalville - Adam passes driving test (1)

Read Adam's Review
As there are often numerous options when selecting a driving school, it was important that a local driving school also had credibility. Mark Jordan driving school was not only local for me, but offered fantastic statistics regarding their pass rates. Furthermore, communication was also important for me. I contacted Mark Jordan with queries as to when my lessons could start, lessons times, as well as various other questions, and the service was brilliant. Fast responses and approachability provided clarity and reassurance from the beginning – which was not always the case when contacting other driving schools.
Mark Jordan Driving School also offered discount for the first 10 lessons, which was helpful financially speaking. It was a nice pull factor when selecting a driving school, which proved difficult following the backlog from COVID-19.
My instructor was Andy Tyler and I cannot commend him enough for his teaching. It was a pleasure to learn alongside his expertise; he offered the perfect balance between reassurance and discipline. As someone who wanted to pass as soon and as safely as possible, I believe Andy taught me how to be a safe driver for life whilst still enjoying the experience. Importantly, Andy made sure the standards which I was capable of were met, particularly as test day approached. This was essential to having the confidence in myself to pass.
Mark Jordan Driving School offers a fantastic balance of good quality driver training with an enjoyable and engaging learner experience. For example, the use of tablets and diagrams meant the learning process was approached in a manageable step-by-step manor which was easy to digest and, most importantly, understand on a weekly basis.
I could not recommend Andy Tyler and Mark Jordan Driving School enough for this reason.

Adam – Coalville – Google Review

Sarah Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Coalville - sarah passes driving test

Read Sarah's Review

I chose Mark Jordan driving school as it was evident that they had an excellent reputation, quality tuition and great results. I found the initial contact with Mark Jordan excellent with clear and detailed information made available from the start allowing for ease of booking.
My tuition with Andy Tyler was exceptional. He provided a relaxed and supportive environment adjusting the pace and content as needed. Andy not only demonstrated what needed to be learnt but also why, ensuring that I learnt to drive safely and confidently. Andy provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will stay with me during my driving journey.
I cannot recommend Andy or Mark Jordan driving school enough and thank them for helping me pass first time.

Sarah – Coalville – Google Review

Dan Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Coalville - Dan passes driving test first time

Read Dan's Review

In sorting out driving lessons for our son, we were looking for a driving instructor who would be highly knowledgeable and good at getting the best out of people.

After reading good reviews and an encouraging intro phone call we felt confident in going with Mark Jordan Driving – and the instructor, Carly, certainly didn’t disappoint.

She was obviously good at putting people at ease and giving them confidence, and from day one our son felt comfortable and enjoyed the lessons. At the end of each lesson Carly left him with a clear understanding of things to focus on for the next lesson, including a clear set of notes to refer to.

By the time of his last few practice drives with us, it was obvious that Carly had got him well and truly ready for the test – which was confirmed when he passed first time.

Add in the fact that the costs were reasonable, and also with a decent discount for booking a “block” of lessons, and that Carly always showed up right on time, this was a great choice.

We’ve already recommended Mark Jordan Driving to 2 of our friends and would strongly recommend to anyone else who is on the lookout for a good driving school.


Dan – Coalville – Google Review

Harvey Passed 

Driving instructors in coalville - Harvey passes driving test

Read Harvey's Review
When looking for an instructor, Mark Jordan Driving had the best reviews.
My instructor who was Andy was patient and pushed me at the right times. Using an iPad to help with junctions and when to give way etc. Andy would always go through what went well in my lessons and what I could improve next time setting out a schedule which I was sent every week.
This helped me when driving in my own car to look out for what I could do better.
Andy was a great instructor and I would recommend Mark Jordan driving School for any new drivers!!

Harvey – Coalville – Google Review

George Passed 

Driving Instructors in Coalville - George passes driving test

Read George's Review
I chose to learn to drive with Mark Jordan Driving as they had good reviews online and they lived up to it. 
The lessons were planned out and executed clearly. They broke every aspect of driving down to make sure you mastered everything before putting it all together. 
Andy who was my instructor went above and beyond to help, by doing lessons on days he never normally works just before the test and helped to move the test forward.
Overall a really good experience and I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who wants to learn to drive. 

George – Coalville –  Google Review

Ben Passed 1st Time

Driving Lessons in Coalville - Ben

Read Ben's Review
I would highly suggest you use Mark Jordan Driving School, the team and especially Andy are all great.
Andy is an amazing instructor, his methods of teaching are amazing, he is always so calm and he fills you up with confidence. When you’re with Andy you can take your time, he is very patient with his students which is a big help.
At the end of every lesson me and Andy would sit in the car and have a chat about the lesson, what was good and what needed working on. He used an IPad to go through real life situations and also track how I was doing, I feel that the IPad really helped me understand as you can see what you’re meant to do in them situations.
Andy exceeded my expectations, he would come on his days off to do lessons with me, i really appreciated this as is was right before my test, this helped me a lot, having a refresh before the big day. I passed first time, thanks to Andy.
I highly recommend you use Mark Jordan Driving School and Andy, I can’t thank you enough.
Ben – Coalville – Google Review

Josh Passed 

Driving Instructors Ashby - Josh

Read Josh's Review
I chose Mark Jordan Driving through many recommendations from friends.
When first looking for an instructor the most important thing was flexibility, and how they could fit around my college course. Mark Jordan exceeded this expectation with Andy who was my instructor.
Andy made me feel confident and never made me worried about anything, his ways of teaching in steps and going through driving part by part improved my driving so much. After every lesson, we’d fill out a form on his iPad, which would recap on my drive for that lesson, and any areas for improvement.
My allocated 2 hour slots each week was great for me, and allowed me to improve on anything from the previous lesson.
I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive. A big thank you to Mark Jordan and Andy on helping me pass my driving test.
Josh – Ashby – Google Review

Ben Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Hinckley, driving lessons in hinckley

Read Ben's Review
My most important criteria when picking a driving school and instructor was to find a school who tailor lessons to your individual ability.
Mark Jordan Driving surpassed this expectation with Andy my allocated instructor fine tuning the specific bits of my driving that needed improvement.
Andy made sure that there was the theory was there behind whatever we were doing. My two hour lessons were enjoyable and after 10 lesson including my test, I was able to pass 1st time with confidence.
I’m excited to take advantage of the many opportunities driving brings.
Thank you Mark Jordan Driving School and thank you Andy my instructor for the amazing teaching.
Ben – Coalville – Google Review

Kian Passed 

driving instructors

Read Kian's Review
My experience with Mark Jordan driving school has been second to none, from my very first lesson to passing my test! Andy my instructor has always been patient and nurturing when it came to learning how to be safe on the road.
Due to the pandemic my lessons were all over the place but Andy always kept in touch to keep me motivated and determined not to give up. Andy has always been friendly with me on lessons and I have developed my driving no end since starting.
I would highly recommend Andy and Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Kian – Coalville – Google Review

William Passed

driving instructors in Loughborough - Will passed

Read Wiiliam's Review
When I was looking for which driving school I should pick, I was looking for which school was the most reliable, patient, and the safest, and Mark Jordan Driving stood out.
I had a look at the reviews and saw that all the instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable. My driving instructor was Andy Tyler, when I first met Andy he was really friendly and patient.
He made sure I was 100% safe on the road before taking me on any busy roads by driving on quiet roads first. I looked forward to Andy’s lessons every week. He also went the extra mile for me working on his day off to make sure I passed.
Andy’s teaching methods made me pass my test with only 1 minor. In conclusion I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who wants to pass their test safely and affordable.
William– Coalville – Google Review

Dan Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Hinckley Dan passed first time

Read Dan's Review
I chose to learn to drive with Mark Jordan Driving as they had good reviews online and they lived up to it. 
The lessons were planned out and executed clearly. They broke every aspect of driving down to make sure you mastered everything before putting it all together. 
Andy who was my instructor went above and beyond to help, by doing lessons on days he never normally works just before the test and helped to move the test forward.
Overall a really good experience and I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who wants to learn to drive. 

George – Coalville –  Google Review

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