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Reviews For Ashby

Please have a read of our previous pupils reviews and why they chose Mark Jordan Driving for their lessons

Nicole Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Ashby - mark Jordan Driving School

Read Nicole's Review
We decided to use 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 after seeing the positive reviews online.
Particularly, we valued the prompt response to emails alongside the good level of communication such as the weekly reflective logs to track my progress at home.
My instructor Carly has been great at tailoring the lessons to suit my needs and I have found her to be reassuring and friendly in every lesson to make me feel confident for my test. She was always punctual and ready for the lesson.
We will certainly recommend her and the school to others.
Nicole – Ashby Google Review

Kaleigh Passed

 girl next to red driving instructors car after passing driving test in ashby de la zouch.

Read kaleigh's Review
I was looking for another driving school after I was let down and feeling frustrated with another school. I got in touch with Mark Jordan Driving who very quickly found me an instructor who could fit in around me.
Richard very quickly put me at ease behind the wheel and helped me build confidence. The way Richard teaches from explaining, showing pictures on the iPad and reviewing each lesson asking what strengths and weaknesses you thought you have/had really helped to see what areas I needed to improve on and worked on them in the next lesson.
Richard’s commitment and communication through out the whole learning process was above and beyond. From texts when he was ready to start the lessons to emails with the lesson progression and the plan for next lesson and I am extremely grateful for his knowledge and guidance throughout.
I would Recommend Mark Jordan Driving and Richard to any one who is looking for driving lessons.


Kaleigh – Ashby Google Review

Ethan Passed 1st Time

driving Instructors in Swadlincote- Ethan passes driving test.

Read Ethan's Review

I have recently just passed my driving test  and i couldn’t have done it without the help of Mark Jordan driving school.

Before i started to even think about taking lessons i had heard many good things about Mark Jordan and all his great instructors. I had read all the excellent reviews and had been told first hand by my friends and family. I then decided it was time to start my driving lessons so i instantly thought of Mark Jordan and they fit me in straight away.

At first i was quite nervous about driving, but as soon as i got in the car with my instructor Richard, he made me feel at ease right away. Even though i heard all the great reviews i was still a bit on edge about who my instructor was going to be. Luckily i had Richard, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, he would give me different ways of remembering and understanding things if i didn’t quite get the topic.

Richard made learning to a drive an absolute breeze, i expected learning to be difficult and a long process but with Richards teaching it made it fun and interesting to learn, as soon as my lesson was over i couldn’t wait for the next one to come around. My lessons were for 2 hours and they felt like 20 minutes.

As well as making sure i understood the topic, Richard would put me at ease by making jokes and just having good conversations in general which made me enjoy my lessons even more. It felt like Richard really cared about me and my driving and this is another thing i was worried about prior to learning, because i didn’t want an instructor who didn’t care a lot.

I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who is considering to start their driving lessons. I have already told my friends and family that when they do start their lessons to go straight to Mark Jordan.

Ethan – Ashby Google Review

Beth Passed 

driving lessons in ashby - Mark Jordan Driving

Read Beth's Review
My experience with Mark Jordan Driving has been amazing.
I was very anxious about learning to drive at first but always felt at ease with my instructor, Richard. I learn best when things go wrong or unplanned and Richard always let me figure the situation out on my own or prompt me to fix the situation before doing it for me.
I felt this really helped me understand what went wrong and why and change it for next time. I really like the fact that this driving school offer 2 hour lessons instead of 1, as it allows for more learning instead of rushing to get as much driving as possible done in a short amount of time.
My instructor, Richard was amazing at helping me understand what I was learning before going straight into it. For example, he would give me a detailed “brief” explanation of what we were going to do before actually doing it.
This was helpful when doing things like roundabouts, certain manoeuvres and going through harder routes as i felt more prepared. Richard has also been so understanding and helped plan lessons around my schedule despite how annoying cancelling and rebooking my lessons must’ve been!
I’m really glad I chose Mark Jordan Driving as I couldn’t have passed my test without them.

Beth Ashby –  Google Review

Mia Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Ashby - Mia passed first time

Read Mia's Review

I would recommend Mark Jordan’s Driving School to anyone.

After choosing them based on their excellent reviews and knowing friends that had passed first time with them I knew I was in good hands and I passed today first time.

Mark, my instructor, made that possible! He was kind, patient and helped lower my anxiety so much until it was non-existent.

This was achieved by allowing me to work on each subject at my own pace and giving me time to work on controlling my anxiety, which at the start was off the scale.

We only tackled something new when I was fully ready and prepared to do so, and if I didn’t feel comfortable when we did tackle it, he was happy for me to hold off and come back to it when I felt ready.

He sent me my notes every week that we had discussed at the end of each lesson, this allowed me to practice in my own car on the areas that I knew needed improving.

It was a pleasure to learn with Mark Jordan Driving School and I have already said I would recommend them to anyone. Mia

Mia – Ashby –  Google Review

Shannon Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Ashby - Shannon

Read Shannon's Review
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving school and especially Andy.
I decided to re take my driving lessons after my confidence being knocked with a different driving school. He was amazing and really reinstalled my confidence his methods of teaching are always calm and relaxed and so patient!
At the end of every lesson we would go through what we thought went well and what we should practice the following week on the iPad and he would send it to my email which I thought really helped.
He really went above and beyond to make sure I was ready for my test he even gave up his day off to take me out one last time before my test!
I PASSED 1ST TIME! I couldn’t recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and Andy enough! Thank you again.
Shannon – Ashby – Google Review

Josh Passed 

Driving Instructors Ashby - Josh

Read Josh's Review
Having started looking for a driving instructor to start after the disruption caused by the COVID pandemic restrictions, I was keen to find an instructor who could make my time and money count and who wasn’t keen to cash in on the increased demand.
For me, the most important criteria when selecting an instructor was that they were patient, calm, amiable and professional with students whilst constructive with feedback, and keen to persevere with their students.
Additionally, I was looking for an instructor who could provide useful resources and structured teaching methods to succeed in both the theory and practical stages of the examinations and who could be accommodating to my learning commitments at university.
Having been taken under the wing of the man himself, Mark Jordan, I am pleased to say that Mark has gone above and beyond to deliver on all my requirements during my time under his tuition and has made learning to drive after COVID a lot less stressful than I anticipated.
Going into my lessons, I was worried that it would be difficult to find an instructor who was flexible enough to work around my studying and assignments. I was also anticipating nervy, improvised lessons with an instructor who might be difficult to build a rapport with. Fortunately for me, Mark was none of these.
Mark, has been flexible enough to work around me studying at university, graduating, and starting my first graduate job all throughout my time under his tuition all whilst waiting times for tests have been at their longest. Mark has persevered with my learning and supported my development right until the end despite changes to my routine and availability. All in all, Mark has allowed me to build a routine that allowed for regular lessons despite changing circumstances and has been keen to work with me for as long as required.
His delivery of lessons has never felt rushed either. Key skills have been introduced clearly and comprehensively in a structured manner with my progress being guided by personal target setting and constant reflection of each drive’s strengths and weaknesses with Mark. By taking this approach it felt like Mark was never rushing me onto new skills before I was ready. At the same time, the constant reflection between me and Mark and working through the well-defined goals set at the start and end of each lesson made sure I was always making constant, observable progress whilst addressing the areas of my driving in most need of improvement at that time.
Finally, Mark has been a pleasure to work with and has made learning to drive an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Calm, friendly, supportive, and outgoing, Mark has been easy to get on with whilst, more importantly, being fair and constructive with his feedback. At no point has Mark ever been patronizing, impatient or rude, and it always felt like Mark always had my back during the occasional instance where mistakes were made (they happen to everyone!). Mark’s teaching style allowed those mistakes to be quickly repurposed into a useful piece of learning rather than leveraged as something to ridicule or insult me with.
All in all, learning to drive with Mark has been an enjoyable, rewarding, and stress-free experience. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor for anyone looking for an instructor to get them on the road!
Thank you for your time, support, and teaching Mark and all the best for the future! You have been outstanding!

Jake – Burton –  Google Review

Mhairi Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors Ashby - Mhairi

Read Mhairi's Review
The most important thing about choosing a driving instructor is that they are personable and understanding and are an effective teacher.
Another important factor was accessibility and flexibility as it’s hard sometimes to fit it around study’s and work. Leaning to drive was a lot more fun than I expected as it was tailored to my ability and what I wanted to learn rather than a strict system.
My instructor was Mark and he was amazing. He really took his time to understand me and what I needed and tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible.
His teaching methods were very effective and adaptable making it suitable according to my needs and the situation.
I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving as my instructor Mark made me feel comfortable and confident in my ability and helped my self esteem as well as improving my driving ability.

Mhairi – Ashby – Google Review

Hannah Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Ashby - Hannah

Read Hannah's Review
When it comes down to choosing an instructor to help your journey of driving, you need someone who not only cares about you passing your test and ensuring you know how to drive safe, but also someone who cares about you as a person; your interests, your personality, what’s going on in your life.
I think it is safe to say that I chose right. I had Mark as my instructor and I couldn’t have asked for someone better to teach me how to drive safely and all the ins and outs about driving. There was not a single lesson that I didn’t feel comfortable or passionate about driving and thanks to Mark, I had the best possible experience when learning how to drive.
Every lesson felt welcoming and there wasn’t a time where I couldn’t ask for help or feel uncomfortable about making a mistake. I expected my lessons and journey for learning how to drive to just be like any other lesson I have in which I would just learn how to drive.
However, with Mark, there was a lot more to just a lesson. We had countless conversations about anything and everything and as time went on, I felt more and more comfortable and confident with driving as well as being able to have conversations and enjoy my lessons.
The way the lessons were taught to me were very clear and easy to understand and pick up which made my driving experience a lot more successful.
I want to say a big thank you to Mark for helping me pass and feel comfortable driving; would highly recommend Mark Jordan driving School

Hannah – Ashby – Google Review

Bernadette Passed

driving lessons in ashby - bernadette

Read Bernadette's Review

when choosing a driving instructor I was looking for someone who would understand my anxiety toward driving, and be calm and patient with me.

My instructor was Richard, he helped me slowly build my confidence, was approachable and laidback, he allowed me to take control of what I wanted to learn on each lesson.
Richards teaching allowed me to understand the road and drive with confidence.
I’d recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone wanting to learn to drive because they are flexible and reliable. Richard always arrived with plenty of time before my lessons, and worked around my busy routine as a mum. thank you to Richard and all at Mark Jordan Driving for getting me to a point of passing my test today.

Bernadette – Ashby – Google Review

Kamran Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Ashby - kamran passed 1st time

Read Kamran's Review
Mark Jordan driving school offered me a wonderful and exciting driving experience and helped me to pass 1st time.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to anyone who is worried about learning to drive or just if you want to learn to drive in general.
I had Mark himself as my instructor and I couldn’t fault him at all. The teaching methods used were very accommodating and Mark would always let me decide anything I specifically wanted to do in a lesson as well as teach me things in an order that helped me progress quickly.
Kamran – Ashby – Google Review

Max Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in ashby. -Max passed first time with Mark Jordan Driving

Read Max's Review

When looking for a driving school, I wanted one everyone had passed with first time.

When looking online I saw Mark Jordan Driving and saw they’re amazing reviews. My instructor Richard was perfect I always felt reassured and supported even when I made mistakes.

I never felt overwhelmed by what he was teaching me and he would always ask what I would want to do next and if I was happy with what we were doing. I had two hour lessons which were perfect as I would like to drive to burton from ashby.

Richards teaching methods We’re great he would always explain it to me on the iPad very clearly Richard was also a great laugh which helped the process.

I’m so glad I picked Mark Jordan Driving, I would not even think about using anyone else to get you to pass and to drive safely on the roads after you pass.

Max – Ashby – Google Review

Leah Passed 1st Time

Read Leah's Review

The most important criteria when choosing my instructor was having someone with patience and good recommendations that would be friendly and trustworthy and Mark Jordan driving School certainly ticks all those boxes. Learning to drive was a lot more complicated than I expected and Mark who was my instructor reassured me and helped me practice until I got everything spot on every single time. Marks teaching methods were exceptional and he made sure that I felt super confident about every single aspect of driving so that on my test day I was confident and ready. I was always asked if there was any things I would want to cover before my lessons so that all the things I wasn’t confident about or worried about were covered. He also used email frequently to send me my driving notes (how I’d preformed in that particular lesson) so I’d know what to improve on and I could also see the improvements in particular areas of my driving and I’d know in advance what we were covering on the next lesson. I would seriously recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to everyone because he is a friendly face and a really helped me with my overall confidence. Thank you Mark Jordan Driving.

Leah – Ashby – Google Review

James Passed 1st Time

Read James's Review

My dad did a lot of online research before we chose Mark Jordan Driving, the deciding factors for us were the positive reviews from previous pupils & testimonials and also the great introductory offer for beginners.Being a nervous driver to start I found the lessons easier than expected and Mark my instructor made the whole experience relaxed, friendly and enjoyable, with very constructive feedback on each subject learnt, allowing my confidence to build each week and being ready to tackle the next phase.He allowed me to progress at my own pace and didn’t get me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable to tackle. He also sent me weekly progress reports to my email that allowed me to analyse each weeks lesson.

I would totally recommend Mark Jordan Driving.

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