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Changing Driving Instructor

30% of new learner drivers change changing driving instructor before test or half way through their training and the number 1 reason is


If your instructor is shouting at you for any reason you need to be changing driving instructor today..

There should be no reason whatsoever for your instructor to shout at you.

Changing Driving Instructor Before Test

Shouting is number one but do you ever get to the end of your lessons and feel that you haven’t actually learnt anything? 

The reality is that you probably haven’t. 


The Driving Standards Agency is very clear, as to the procedure driving instructors should follow when conducting lessons. This is to make sure that “you” the customer are getting the maximum benefit from your lessons. 


9 Procedures your driving instructor should be doing 


1) Does your driving instructor teach in a non-confrontational manner or shout and complain when you make mistakes  

2) Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson to agree strengths and weaknesses?   

3) Does your driving instructor always-state firm lesson objectives as to what you will be learning during the current lesson and exactly what you will be trying to achieve? 

(It is vital that every lesson has a clear purpose or you will be simply “driving around”.)   

4Does your driving instructor arrive on time for at least 90% of lessons?  

5) Does your driving instructor attempt to prevent mistakes by checking with you what you are about to do before you make a mistake or simply complain or offer negative feedback after the event?   

6) Does your driving instructor help and guide you with feedback and encouragement to build your confidence?  

7) Does your driving instructor analyse why mistakes were made and interact with you to find a solution to improve your understanding?  

8) Does your instructor praise you when you succeed in a task?  

9) Does your driving instructor finish the lesson with a recap of what has been learnt and does he / she ask questions to check your understanding? 

(Statistics show that what you discuss during the last 5 minutes of your lesson will stay with you and reinforce your understanding. 

How many boxes would your current Instructor be able to tick? 

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