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So You Have Decided It's Time To Learn To Drive... Who Will You Trust With Your Tuition?

You may be thinking of taking 1-hour lessons and Just to be clear and give you a balanced view, there is nothing wrong with 1-hour lessons, we just feel that they offer less value for your money as they prolong the learning period substantially.

Another of the drawbacks is having to take time from your lesson to drive to a suitable location that is relevant to cover the topic and then having to drive back again.

So, should you prefer to take less than two-hour lessons, we would not be the right driving school for you as we don’t offer them.

2 Hour Lessons

Here at Mark Jordan Driving we only conduct 2 hour lessons.

Why you ask?

The reason is we believe pupils learn and retain more information of each lesson or subject, you get to practice that subject for longer giving you a better understanding of what needs to be done correctly and safely and as you start getting to the point of being able to drive to your test town, which where most of your training will take place, it makes sense to practice in the town your test will be, if you live a distance away and you only have a 1 hour lesson by the time you have driven there, recapped your last lesson it’s time to come home.

And finally you get to test standard in a fraction of the time of 1 hour lessons, our average is around 6 months to test, we have had pupils do it sooner.

Discover Our Driving Packages

From £26 per hour


A great way to kick start your lessons and SAVE £50
Compared to our pay weekly price.

Just £260 for your first 10 hours.


Another way to save on your driving lessons is to buy in blocks of 10 hours, this will save you £4 per lesson compared to our pay weekly price.

Just £290 for 10 hours.
You can have the Beginners Deal first if you've never driven before.