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Our Pass Your Test Commitment…

You’re probably here because the offer sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we get it. Success in passing your driving test ultimately depends on the skills you gain during training.

Our instructors are seriously confident in your ability to ace that driving test on your first try. So confident, in fact, that we have a commitment: if you don’t pass your first driving test, we’ll cover the cost of your second one. It’s our way of saying, “We are committed to helping you pass first time.”

Why the confidence? Our instructors are highly trained and dedicated to not just the basics but to equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for the test. From mastering manoeuvers to understanding traffic rules, they’ve got you covered.

But it’s not just the basics – our training goes above and beyond. We use innovative teaching methods and realistic scenarios to boost your hands-on skills. Our instructors personalise the learning experience, making sure you grasp the ins and outs of driving in a way that suits you.

At any age, getting your driver’s license is a big deal. Our commitment isn’t just words; it’s our commitment to you. If the unexpected happens and you don’t pass first time, we’ve got your back. We’ll cover the cost of your second attempt, so you can focus on fine-tuning those skills. It’s that simple – Pass on Your First Attempt or We Pay the Next One. Ready to roll?

Verity Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in swadlincote

Read Verity's Review

I already knew i was going to enjoy driving but after being with Mark Jordan Driving School it was honestly one of the best experiences i’ve had.
My instructor was Mark himself and starting out i had not a clue what i was doing but that was no issue. Each lesson we’d gradually build up confidence in each area of driving making sure i was fully comfortable with what i was doing, all the while him having every confidence in me too.
I felt no pressure to have to do anything i was afraid of which in the end was what’s allowed me to pass first time. He was everything i could have asked for as i was worried about my instructor being cold and unapproachable but he was the opposite.
I felt as though i could talk to him about anything being driving related or not. After my sister having him as an instructor too being i could tell we’d get along well and we definitely did.
The way he teaches is genuinely a gift and had i had any other instructor i feel like i would not have passed.
Even speaking to my friends about our instructors i feel proud to show him off almost.
I would 10000% recommended Mark Jordan Driving, thank you so so much for everything.

Verity – SwadlincoteGoogle Review

Stacie Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Swadlincote - Stacie Passes driving test

Read Stacie's Review

After years of thinking about it (and being far too anxious to go for it!) Last year I finally set my sights on learning to drive, and searching through numerous schools Mark Jordan stood out for having many fantastic reviews and passes so I reached out, and with time slots to help accommodate around work was paired with my instructor Richard Wall almost immediately, and took my first lesson only a few weeks later. The discounted block bookings are great as they help you get your lessons planned in well in advance so less stress week to week.

From the first lesson, I found Richard to be a fantastic instructor, he helped to explain both the technical aspects of driving and operating a car, and the behaviours expected of you and other road users. We took extensive notes every week, meaning whenever something popped up we could look back and see what to focus on, and Richard was very easy to work with, allowing me to offer my own ideas about lesson plans and always answering any questions I had (as small or insignificant as I might have felt they were).

Over the course of a year, I’ve gone from being nervous behind the wheel on my first lesson, to not only learning the technical skills i need to drive, but developing my own ability to assess mine and other people’s actions on the road and how I can safely navigate the roads with other drivers. The most valuable skill of course is confidence, which comes with time but also a great instructor providing me with the tools and encouragement to get to where I needed to be. Right up until the morning of my test, Richard remained vigilant at keeping me observing and remembering all the important little things as well as the big. He was friendly and approachable throughout and always answered any questions I had.

If you’re considering Mark Jordan Driving School, I highly recommend! Keeping in close contact to arrange lessons, sending you all the lesson plan details so you can practise at home and prepare for your lessons, and the website has some fantastic resources for new learners! Thank you to MJ and Richard for getting me road ready!

Stacie – SwadlincoteGoogle Review

Jessica Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Swadlincote, driving lessons in swadlincote

Read Jessica's Review

When looking for a driving instructor I wanted to make sure I found a school who had good pass rates and reviews, as well as patient and understanding instructors. Mark Jordan driving school was perfect and my instructor Mark Jordan helped me to feel more confident when driving, especially after swapping from another driving school.

From my first lesson with Mark up until my driving test he prepared me for my test and made me feel comfortable enough to ask questions and ask for help when I needed it. Mark used a range of techniques to help me getting a better understanding and had a solution to every driving fault I dealt with. Every lesson Mark used his iPad to take notes of how the lesson went, what went well, what could I improve and what I wanted to work on the following week. These notes would be emailed to me at the end of each lesson and this was useful for when I was driving my own car as I knew what to work on when going out with my parents, to get ready for my next driving lesson.

Mark helped me to believe in myself and my driving and built my confidence throughout my lessons which helped me to pass my driving test 1st time. I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who is looking for patient and caring instructors who will prepare you for your test and make help you to feel at ease throughout. Thank you to Mark for guiding me through the process and helping me to feel positive about myself and my driving, even when I wanted to give up.

Jessica – SwadlincoteGoogle Review

Thomas Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Swadlincote - Tom passes driving test first time

Read Thomas's Review
I would 100% recommend this driving school if you are looking for lessons as they made me feel confident and comfortable going into my test.
This was something I was sceptical about at first however my instructor was very reassuring and showed great belief in my driving ability which was passed on to me meaning I was relaxed and confident going into the test.
My instructor, Richard Wall, was incredibly helpful in the process of learning how to drive, due to his patience and clear step by step instructions he gives.
Also, the lessons were all very well structured, I was able to know what we were doing each lesson and we did reviews after each lesson to outline what went well and what I needed to improve on, this technique was amazing as it meant that I could reflect on the lesson but also see what we were doing for the next lesson so I could prepare.
I personally felt that it was important to have an instructor that I could get on with and Richard was perfect as he is always straight to the point.
Another thing i felt was impressive about my lessons was the fact that he was able to pick me up for the lesson from almost anywhere, whether it be my school or my house he was able to pick me up which was hugely beneficial as it allowed for extra flexibility.
If you are looking for a driving school I definitely recommend the Mark Jordan Driving School, they couldn’t have made the process any easier for me and guided me to a first time pass.

Thomas – SwadlincoteGoogle Review

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