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We are so confident you will enjoy your lessons with us we have a 5⭐️ Guarantee on EVERY Lesson.. Find Out More HERE

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driving lessons beginners deal

'Beginners Deal'

If you're a new learner, you can take advantage our popular 'Beginners Deal' This will SAVE you £50 helping to kick start your driving lessons. Discover our 'Beginners Deal' HERE

block book driving lessons

'Block Booking Deal'

If you purchase driving lessons in blocks of 10 hours we will give you a discount of £4 per lesson. Discover our 'Block Booking' Deal HERE

Block Book Savings ✅

2 Hour Lessons ✅

Fixed Weekly Slot ✅

We pride ourselves with our continued success. Read why pupils actually choose Mark Jordan Driving for their tuition

driving lessons in loughborough, Parise passes with matthew in black car after lessons with Mark Jordan Driving School

Customer Review Loughborough – Parise-Amy Passed 1st Time

I highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving as a top driving school. My instructor was Matt who was patient and allows you to learn at your own pace whilst setting targets and goals to reach every lesson. This helps you tackle and overcome your weaknesses in such a short space of time with obvious improvements apparent every lesson.

I looked forward to my lessons every week. Matt’s friendly and approachable nature helped me improve my driving. I passed not only my practical driving test 1st time but my theory test.

After a long time of learning to driving and many different instructors Matt was definitely the best instructor I’ve had. He will put anyone at ease. Thanks so much.

Parise-Amy – Loughborough

driving instructors in Coalville - leanne & mathhew pass 1st time

Customer Review Loughborough – Twins Passed 1st Time

When researching different driving instructors, the main thing I was looking for was someone highly recommended. Someone who would teach me and my twin brother one after another on the same day. Which luckily we found with Mark Jordan Driving. I also wanted to make sure my instructor was friendly, reliable, patient and good at their job.

My instructor was Matt, who was very easy to get along with. He made me feel at ease and confident as I was driving. He allowed me to learn at my own pace, and he always provided lots of detail about what we were learning in each lesson, and how to improve for next time. This was extremely useful and showed that he cared and wanted to help us be the best drivers. There was always something to take away from the feedback, which I could then practice in my own car, before my next lesson.

Matt never rushed me, and always found time to talk to my dad after each lesson to discuss how things were progressing and areas for improvement, which helped speed along the process. I would definitely recommend using Mark Jordan Driving, as compared to other companies my friends have been using, it appears Mark Jordan Driving are much more thorough and comprehensive, and used advanced technology to assist the process. Overall, it has been a very enjoyable experience learning to drive with Matt and I passed, with flying colours, first time.

Leanne & Matthew – Coalville

driving lessons ashby - emily passed with zero faults

Customer Review Ashby – Emily Passed 1st Time + ZERO Faults

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School as I was looking for a driving instructor that made me feel comfortable and at ease in quite a daunting situation. Mark who was my instructor made me feel comfortable straight away and I didn’t feel nervous for any of my driving lessons after meeting him.

I wanted to make sure that I would become a safe driver and be confident in my own ability. Mark was very encouraging and would always assure me in what I was doing, or would provide help/advice in a way that did not feel negative.

I was really nervous about learning to drive but Mark encouraged me throughout all my lessons and always made me feel capable. He would praise me when it was due but would instruct me nicely on what I needed to improve on. He would always go over anything that I asked for and would have a clear lesson structure which ensured I learned everything I needed to properly.

I would definitely recommend Mark as a driving instructor as he is very patient and calm but he was very easy to chat to and always made me feel comfortable. His help meant that I managed to pass my test with no faults so I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School

Emily – Ashby

So You Have Decided It's Time To Learn To Drive... Who Will You Trust With Your Tuition?

Read Why Our Unique Accelerated Learning System Will Save You Money, Time & Frustration

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro

When you join Mark Jordan Driving you will have FULL access to Theory Test Pro. This online theory practice software is an invaluable resource. It will help you gain the knowledge needed to pass the theory test and bring your driving lessons to life. You will also be able to download the App giving you the ability to carry on revising wherever you are.

Theory Test Pro

You Ask - We Answer

Our 6 Most Asked Questions

Will I Drive On My First Lesson?

You will definitley drive on your first lesson. Your instructor will drive you to a quite and safe area to start and go over some basic training that you will need to perform each time you get in the car, we call this the 'Cockpit Drill'.

Once you are familiar with this they will then give you a full briefing about driving the car and get you to have a go whilst they talk you through every step of the way.

You can download our FREE PDF that will go into more detail about your first lesson HERE.

Your first lesson is the start of our 'Accelerated Learning System' to help you to test in the shortest time, saving you money and frustration along the way.

How Many Lessons Per Week?

We strongly recommend having 2 hour lessons.

By having a 2 hour lesson you will learn far more and be test ready in half the time.

Taking a regular 2 hour lesson once a week will give you more time to practice the subject you are currently learning, you retain the information better and as mentioned you will be test ready sooner.

If you book with us your chosen lesson slot will be the same time and day every week so you can plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will always be the same.

What is Your 1st Time Pass Rate?

We are very proud of our 1st time pass rate and our instructors deserve a lot of credit for their hard work.

Its impossible to give the exact % as we have tests almost every day so it will continually change.

You only have to read our reviews here on our site and also on Google to see how happy our pupils have been with both our service and their lessons.

We want you to choose the right driving school for your tuition and not to become one of the 30% of local pupils who change their instructor half way through their tuition.

Do You Offer Block Bookings


We strongly recommend booking in blocks of 10 hours. This will give you a discount of £4 per lesson based on our pay weekly price. If you have paid for 10 hours and decide you need to stop for whatever reason we will happily refund any credit you have remaining.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

It's really hard to know until you start your lessons .

Using our 'Accelerated Learning System' we find pupils achieve test standard sooner rather than later.

If you book lessons in blocks of 10 hours and at the end of those 10 hours you feel you are not ready, book another 10 and so on until you feel ready and feel you are a safe driver.

If you book in 10's and end up taking your test with paid hours still  left over, we will happily refund the remainder.

Do You Pick Me Up Or Do I Meet You?


All our instructors will pick up and drop off locally. We can pick up after college or work and drop you back at home. Pick up from home and drop off at work or college.

As long as it is local we will even drop you off for your dentist or hair appointment in town.

As long as you let your instructor know at the beginning of the lesson or text them the day before they will be happy to help.

Why Choose Mark Jordan Driving?

    • Fully qualified instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons in Loughborough.

    • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions.

    • Many students search driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest.

    • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack driving instructor reviews?

    • It’s often a big mistake to choose driving schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone. It may cost more to learn in the long run.

    • We are nearby for new drivers and highly rated by our customers which is great news

    Hi my name is Mark Jordan owner of Mark Jordan Driving and myself a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor. Providing quality Driving Lessons in Loughborough and all the surrounding areas. 

    Mark Jordan Driving  is now one of the most popular suppliers of driving lessons in Loughborough.

    We also offer Refresher and familiarisation lessons whether you passed yesterday or 20 years yesterday.


    Driving Lessons Near Me

    Many customers search for driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area, so we don’t have to be the nearest.

    Customers will benefit from local family values which has helped with the tremendous success rate of the school. Along with the extremely popular ‘Beginners Deal’ and ‘Money Back Guarantee’ that has been running since 2012.


    What We Offer.

    Whether you are looking for regular weekly driving lessons. Or have decided that an intensive driving course (a lot of people call these crash driving courses) is for you.

    We’re sure we will be able to help you. If you have been thinking about starting automatic driving lessons then this is something we will be able to offer very soon.

    Pupils can purchase lessons weekly or you can block book your lessons. And with our pricing being very competitive and backed up with our Money Back Guarantee we believe you can’t find better in the local area.


    Nothing To Lose.

    ALL pupils are able to quite literally Try and See their allocated instructor with a huge discount to see if they gel together.

    Forming a rapport is so important to the success of your driving lessons.

    We are so confident in the both the service and tuition we offer that a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ is in place should the pupil not be delighted with either the service or tuition received.

    All our driving instructors are CRB/DBS checked for your safety and approved by the vehicle standards agency.

    This also means they will be fully qualified and on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors ADI.

    Local customer reviews also play a huge part in attracting a regular supply of new customers. In recent years we have become a customer review society and most of us now read several reviews before making a purchase.


    Your Driving Lessons.

    Mark Jordan Driving School often get calls or email asking the million dollar question “how many lessons before driving test?” or “how many hours of driving lessons?”.

    We really wish we could give a definitive answer.

    Here at Mark Jordan Driving we offer “Success Based Lessons”. So what exactly does that mean?

    It means that each driving lesson is constructed to build on both confidence as well as learning new skills or building on existing skills.

    The Driving School conducts client centred lessons. Which involves pupil interaction as to what will be covered on each session.

    How and why it fits in to the learning syllabus. You will find a lot of frequently asked questions and answers on our FAQ page

    Lessons Structure.

    Each lesson will commence with an interactive discussion to establish the subject to be covered.

    It’s important that pupils completely understand what the objective of each lesson is. And what they are looking to achieve during the session.

    A successful lesson is one that can be measured from the setting of the objective to the closing summary to ascertain what has been learnt.

    And how that knowledge and skill will take the learner closer to their goal of successfully passing their driving test and keeping them safe on Britain’s roads.

    We don’t just teach you to pass a test we teach you to be a safe and confident driver.


    Extra Information.

    You will also find information on, what is a Driving School? explaining the difference between a school and an independent instructor. 

    What makes a good Driving Lesson?  What defines a Driving Instructor?

    How to gauge quality driving lessons, driving with parents, tips on how to choose your driving instructor and the 8 success steps guide to a 1st time pass.

    Other useful links can be found on, how to apply for your provisional licence. Booking your theory test and information on your practical driving test.

    Get in Touch.

    Please explore our website and read what we have to offer. Should you come to the conclusion that we would be your best option to prepare you for your driving test.

    Then simply call our customer services number. We will be delighted to listen to your requirements, check current availability and match you with one of our local driving instructors in Loughborough.

    Thank you for your visit and good luck with your driving experience.


    Mark Jordan


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    how to pass your driving test first time
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