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Reviews For Hinckley

Please have a read of our previous pupils reviews and why they chose Mark Jordan Driving for their lessons

Rhianna Passed

driving instructors in Hinckley young female next to red car after passing driving test

Read Rhianna's Review
I chose to learn with Mark Jordan Driving School as i saw some great reviews. My instructor John was very supportive and patient whilst i was learning how to drive. The weekly score sheet was very helpful so i knew how i needed to improve, the 2 hour lessons are also really helpful. I feel like i learnt at a good pace and thankfully to John i ended up passing! I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving school as it is very supportive and teaches at a good and steady pace.

Rhianna – Hinckley – Google Review

Priya Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley

Read Priya's Review
Can’t recommend Mark Jordan driving school enough!

After not getting on with my first instructor at a different driving school I was really looking for an instructor that made me feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel, needless to say that’s what I got with John at Mark Jordan Driving.
Lessons were easy going and really well structured with a score card system to visualise the areas of improvement, which helped massively when doing driving outside of my lessons.
Seeing John every week for lessons contributed so much to me passing my test, his attitude and attention towards making me feel comfortable and able to make and learn from mistakes was a key point in my learning. Would recommend him to anyone!

Priya – Hinckley – Google Review

Declan Passed

driving instructors in hinckley - boy passes driving test in red car

Read Declan's Review

This is easily the best driving school I could have honestly asked for.

The one thing I wanted in a driving school was results and Mark Jordan’s driving school provided with evidence too.
I had John as my instructor and he couldn’t have been a better instructor, he was very patient with me and my many mistakes throughout my time with him.
I would whole heartedly recommend this driving school to anyone who needs lessons, we’re already thinking about putting my brother in with them when he wants to drive.

Declan – Hinckley – Google Review

Chris Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Chris

Read Chris's Review
After previous instructors being inpatient I contacted Mark Jordan Driving School where I was allocated John as my instructor and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.
He guided me through everything and was very patient with me where other instructors I had in past were not.
John’s teaching methods are flawless and with things I wasn’t 100% on we would do more of within our future lessons.
I have already recommended a work colleague and will continue to recommend people to take lessons with Mark Jordan Driving School.
Chris – Hinckley – Google Review

Abbie Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Abbie passes driving test

Read Abbie's Review
When choosing my driving instructor I looked for great reviews and passing rate.
Mark Jordan Driving has both.
My instructor was John. John was calm and well understanding teaching me from 0 knowledge and ability, to a first time pass.
I was a passenger involved in a car crash and John was understanding and reassuring in the attempt to build back up my confidence. I didn’t want to get in a car again but after a few lessons with John I was back on track.
Johns teaching approach was informative and supportive, letting me make mistakes and learn from them.
At the end of each lesson we would go through what went well and what not so great to look at again the following week. This was all written down on a report format and emailed so I was able to see my progression. My sister is now also one of johns students after comparing her current learning to mine with John, seeing the progression and support.
I was given a weekly time slot that worked for me and would get weekly reminders through text. I found these helpful as with a busy life some appointments get forgotten.
I would highly recommend mark jordan as I think the statistics speak for themself. Will always be greatful for my positive journey into driving.

Abbie – Hinckley – Google Review

Ben Passed 

Read Ben's Review
I didn’t really want to drive to start with but with parental encouragement began my journey with Mark Jordan Driving. Many of my friends had used John before and rated him as excellent so the decision was easy and I soon felt part of the family of those who can drive.
I loved that John was very flexible with my lessons and available to work around my busy schedule. His lessons matched my needs and I Iearnt at my own pace, literally, as I eventually managed to calmly exit my drive at a reasonable speed!
John’s teaching methods were good. He remained patient with me at all times and encouraged me to build my confidence behind the wheel. As stated I didn’t really want to drive but as my lessons continued I began to surprise even myself with my ability. Not being the most practical I thought I would struggle more but soon realised that I could multitask my hands and feet at the same time.
I would highly recommend John and Mark Jordan Driving as the methods of teaching and professionalism from the instructors are second to none. I would urge others who don’t want to try in case they can’t do it, to give it a go, surprise yourself and you will find that John and the team will teach you a life skill that will make your life sooo much easier in the end, whatever stage of life you are at.

Ben – Hinckley –  Google Review

Maria Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Maria passed first time (1)

Read Maria's Review
After deciding to Join Mark Jordan driving My instructor was John Pibworth, and I can’t thank him enough for guiding me from zero driving experience to passing my test first time last week. He is an exceptional instructor who is patient, kind, accommodating, and highly systematic in his teaching approach.
As a complete beginner, I was very nervous about getting behind the wheel, but John quickly put me at ease and feeling safe at all time. He took the time to explain everything clearly and encouraged me to ask questions whenever I needed to. He was always calm and supportive, creating a relaxed learning environment that helped me to build my confidence on the road.
What I really appreciated about John was how effective he was in reviewing what went well and what didn’t after every practice session. He provided constructive feedback and tailored his teaching to meet my needs. He was never judgmental or impatient, even when I made mistakes or needed to go over something multiple times. He was always focused on helping me to improve and progress at my own pace.
In addition to the excellent driving lessons, I also found Mark Jordan’s website and resources to be incredibly helpful in preparing me for the theory test. The materials were comprehensive and easy to understand, which made studying for the test much less daunting.
Thanks to John’s guidance and expertise, I passed my driving test on my first attempt feeling very confident.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who is looking for a skilled and patient driving instructor who can help them achieve their goals, no matter their starting point.

Maria – Hinckley –  Google Review

Cain Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Cain passed first time

Read Cain's Review

When I was looking for a driving instructor, I was looking for someone that was reputable with good results. Mark Jordan driving school had both of these.

The entire experience had been carefully thought about, from the simple booking system to the planning of each lesson.

I had John Pibworth as my instructor and he was a brilliant teacher. He was very patient when I made a mistake and allowed me to work it out myself to help me remember it for next time. We reviewed every lesson and planned what we were doing the next week.

I would highly recommend John and Mark Jordan driving school to everyone.

Cain – Hinckley – Google Review

Rebecca Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Hinckley - Rebecca passes her driving test first time

Read Rebecca's Review
I chose Mark Jordan Driving school as i liked that they have two hour lessons so i felt i had more time to practice a skill as i learnt them.
It was very important to me that my driving instructor was patient with me as i was already worried about going on the roads.
I found that the recap sheets after every lesson were very helpful in seeing which areas i needed more practice in and how well i was progressing.
John was my instructor, he was very friendly and put me at ease which was very important to me as i get anxious speaking to new people.
I cannot thank John enough and would recommend him and Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone anxious about learning to drive.

Rebecca – Hinckley –  Google Review

Ryan Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in hinckley ryan passes driving test

Read Ryan's Review
So when looking for an instructor, i was really nervous and i wasn’t sure on who to pick i found mark jordan driving they had good reviews so i rang them the person on the phone was lovely and really nice and he got back to me straight away and made me feel important and prioritized.
What i also really liked is the fact that they do 2 hour driving lessons it still honestly flys by, especially when you have such a great instructor, that you can talk to whilst you drive John Pibworth was my instructor and he is honestly amazing he’s patient and understanding he always asked at the start of a lesson is there anything i wanted to do in this lesson and to be honest i let him pick what he thinks i needed to do as i trust what he tells me and its the best thing i have done he’s just an all round friendly and a great person and if anyone is wanting to do lessons or is nervous about doing lessons then john is your guy he always bigged me up and always believed in me even when i didn’t he got me to where i am so thank you john.
I would 100% recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone and everyone they are all really nice and great people that just want to see you pass. thank you!

Ryan – Hinckley – Google Review

Molly Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Hinckley - Molly passes driving test

Read Molly's Review
I chose to learn with Mark Jordan Driving School because I saw they had good reviews and they offered 2 hour lessons.
At first I was nervous to learn, as I didn’t have any experience, but my instructor John was always really calm and patient which was an important factor as he always reassured me.
I found the weekly score sheet and feedback helpful as I could see that I was making progress, it also allowed me to see where I needed extra practice.
At the start of lessons I was able to choose what I wanted to do on that day which allowed me to learn at my own pace, and build up my confidence.
Overall I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and my instructor John to anyone.

Molly – Hinckley –  Google Review

Jacob Passed 1st Time Zero Faults

Boy holding driving test pass certificate next to a red coloured driving instructor car in Hinckley

Read Jacob's Review
I chose Mark Jordan Driving, based on their reviews, they seemed like a really good reliable driving school.
My instructor John couldn’t do enough for me and was always on time.
He also e-mailed me a lesson sheet after every lesson of what went well and what I could work on which was really helpful.
Learning to drive was easier than I thought it would be which was probably due to Johns method of teaching, he made everything easy to understand and get the hang of.
I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving. And a massive Thank you to John

Jacob – Hinckley – Google Review

Jess Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Jess passed first time

Read Jess's Review
I personally chose Mark Jordan Driving because they offered fixed 2 hour driving lesson slots.
They had also been recommended to me by a friend. Mark Jordan Driving was my second driving school as I felt like I wasn’t progressing with my previous instructor.
My instructor John worked out where I was up to and we worked from there. John has a teaching background so he was very patient and clear with his instructions which made me feel a lot less nervous.
The score sheet and weekly email allowed me to see which aspects of driving I was struggling with and also confirmed to me that I was improving.
I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving to others as I passed first time with them.

Jess – Hinckley –  Google Review

Aimee Passed 1st Time Zero Faults

driving lessons in Hinckley - Aimee passed first time.

Read Aimee's Review
I chose Mark Jordan Driving School after hearing brilliant reviews and therefore took the plunge to try and pass my driving and overcome my fear of tests!!
Learning to drive was always something I wanted to do but never had the confidence in myself to push through and do it, after having my son I decided I needed to do it not just for me for him to but I also needed to find my self and instructor that could understand me and how I work and learn.
John Pibworth was my driving instructor and he did an absolute fantastic job of helping me achieve the pass that I received first time and with no faults. After my first lesson John could tell just how I worked and pushed me at the right times for me to continue and push myself to my full potential. When I didnt quite get it right or “perfect” in my eyes he was so patient with me and let me do it until I was happy with it!
John certainly realised quickly and knew what to do to get me to my full potential. I have always put such pressures on myself with anything not just Driving but for it to be perfect and get things right first time, and it took me a while to get my head round that it’ll will all come and become natural when it’s ready and after letting go of my Driving having to be “perfect” in my eyes I seemed to take more in and my ability seemed to grow along with my confidence.
The way that Mark Jordan Driving instructors follow up with the feedback after each lesson is brilliant which helps you as a pupil to see your progress but also help you personally centre your lessons as well.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and also my instructor John Pibworth as they really do put everything into getting you up to the standard you need to pass your driving test and also because they are all round Brilliant at their jobs! Thankyou All once again Aimee.

Aimee – Hinckley – Google Review

Cliff Passed 1st Time

Boy holding driving test pass certificate next to a red coloured driving instructor car in Hinckley

Read Cliff's Review
I chose Mark Jordan Driving School because during the huge backlog period after the pandemic, they were the only school to be considerate and make space for me to fit into their schedules.
My instructor John was the absolute best. I emphasise again, very accommodating, weekend lessons to prep for my test, calm helpful teaching and overall great company.
The learning style at Mark Jordan Driving was unlike anything I’d heard of. Complete independence as to which areas you want to focus on, a modern online lesson tracking system and feedback to monitor your progress, which is sent to you via PDFs on email which I could show this to friends and family.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving if they are available in your area especially.

Cliff – Hinckley – Google Review

Eugeniu Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Gene passes driving test

Read Eugeniu's Review
I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Mark Jordan Driving school!
My instructor was John and he did an amazing job in helping me pass first time! He is super knowledgeable and with a background in teaching, his expertise on imparting information was second to none. He is the calming presence that all new drivers need to help them build confidence.
John was easy to get along with and he is very dedicated to making sure you get your pass!
Highly recommended the Mark Jordan Driving school.

Eugeniu – Hinckley – Google Review

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