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Driving Instructor Reviews For Burton on Trent

Mark Jordan Driving in Burton on Trent takes pride in the glowing reviews from our former students, showcasing our commitment to top-notch instruction and unparalleled support. Transparently displayed, these testimonials offer valuable insights into why our driving school stands out. Our instructors, celebrated for expertise, patience, and effective teaching methods, go beyond education—they serve as mentors, guiding learners toward confidence and skill on the road.

Echoed throughout the reviews is our instructors’ personalised approach, tailoring lessons to individual learning needs. Whether you’re a novice or refining skills, our commitment to personalised learning contributes significantly to our students’ success stories. The testimonials also highlight the positive and encouraging learning environment at Mark Jordan Driving, creating a supportive space that eases the anxieties of learning to drive.

Moreover, the testimonials emphasise our driving school’s focus on safety and responsible driving. Students appreciate the comprehensive training, covering technical aspects and instilling a sense of responsibility on the road. This holistic approach prepares students not just for passing their test but for a lifetime of safe and confident driving.

Perusing these testimonials reveals consistent themes of gratitude and satisfaction from individuals who’ve successfully obtained their licenses with Mark Jordan Driving Burton. The impact of our instructors is evident in enhanced driving skills, confidence, and independence gained through our comprehensive programs.

In conclusion, the testimonials proudly displayed speak volumes about our driving instruction’s quality and our students’ success. Explore these reviews to understand why Mark Jordan Driving in Burton on Trent is the preferred choice for those on the journey to becoming skilled and responsible drivers. Join the ranks of satisfied students who confidently passed their tests under the guidance of Mark Jordan Driving.

Pupils Reviews

We are very proud of the positive reviews past pupils have left us. We’ll let you read why pupils choose Mark Jordan Driving

Ella Passed

Ella from Burton passing driving test after driving lessons with Mark Jordan driving

Read Ella's Review

I wanted someone who could be reliable and who would help me work on my weaknesses. Mark worked lessons around my busy schedule and stuck with me travelling back and forth between uni and home.

I couldn’t recommend Mark Jordan Driving more. Learning to drive was a constant learning curve but lessons showed me the most important thing is just that it is all about experience and dedication.

I was taught by Mark and he helped me feel at ease and altered his teaching methods depending on what worked for me. He could answer every question I had and seemed to know everything there was to know about driving.

His use of an iPad and stopping to go over the best way to tackle difficult situations and acting out scenarios was extremely helpful and useful to understand why I was doing things and not just doing what I was told.

He helped me to build confidence on areas I had previously failed on and always approached it in a positive way. Mark made sure I was reflecting on the drive and wanting my input as well as giving his.

I would 100% recommend Mark Jordan Driving if you want to have driving lessons you can both progress quickly in and enjoy.

Ella – Burton – Google Review

Katie Passed 1st Time &

Zero Faults

Young lady next to white driving instructors car in Burton on Trent

Read Katie's Review

The most important criteria for me when choosing a driving school was finding an instructor who was patient, calm, and friendly, while also being professional and constructive with feedback. I wanted someone who could provide a supportive learning environment and who was genuinely interested in helping their students succeed. It was important that the instructor would be understanding and encouraging, making the learning process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

I also prioritised finding an instructor who could offer useful resources and structured teaching methods to ensure I could succeed in both the theory and practical stages of the driving exams. It was important for me to have an instructor who could explain things clearly and provide step-by-step guidance. Additionally, I needed someone who could accommodate my school schedule and extracurricular activities, as I have a busy lifestyle with homework, sports, and social commitments.
Mark Jordan Driving Schools reviews gave me confidence they could deliver what I was looking for.
Learning to drive with Mark Jordan was a lot less stressful than I had anticipated. Initially, I was worried about finding an instructor who could work around my school and activities, and I was concerned that the lessons might be nerve-wracking or awkward. However, Mark exceeded all my expectations. I had imagined driving lessons to be tense and intimidating, but Mark’s calm and friendly demeanor put me at ease from the very beginning. His structured approach and clear explanations helped me build confidence and skills at a comfortable pace. The lessons were always well-organized and focused on making steady progress, which was reassuring.

Mark’s teaching methods were exceptional. His lessons were well-structured and never felt rushed. Key skills were introduced clearly and comprehensively, with each lesson building on the previous one. Mark’s approach was to guide my progress through personal target setting and constant reflection on each drive’s strengths and weaknesses. This method ensured that I was always making steady progress and addressing any areas needing improvement. Mark was patient and never rushed me onto new skills before I was ready, which made me feel confident and well-prepared at every stage.

Mark’s ability to create a supportive and friendly learning environment made a huge difference in my driving journey. He was always patient and understanding, which helped build my confidence on the road. His professional yet approachable manner ensured that I felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification whenever needed. The constant reflection and well-defined goals set at the start and end of each lesson made sure I was always making observable progress. Mark’s dedication to his students and his passion for teaching were evident in every lesson.

Thank you so much for your time, support, and teaching, Mark! You have been amazing!

Katie – Burton – Google Review

Owen Passed 1st Time

Owen from Burton on Trent passing his driving test

Read Owen's Review

When I was looking for a driving school, I wanted someone trusted with a good reputation for being friendly and providing great results. After reading reviews and hearing from previous pupils I chose Mark Jordan Driving for this reason.

Having previously had lesson a few years prior with other instructors, I was anxious to start learning to drive again.
However, having Mark as my instructor immediately put me at ease as he started from the basics and slowly built up the skills required again. During this process he always put what I thought I needed to work on at the forefront of our lessons, and helped me to understand why I would struggle with certain situations.
Even when continuous overthinking of new skills would cause me to lose track of the basics ,which we had nailed weeks before, he always explained it calmly in a way that I would understand.

I definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving, especially to anyone who feels anxious about driving. I passed my test first time and feel much more confident in driving than I thought I would at the start of this process.

Owen – Burton – Google Review

Hannah Passed

driving instructors in burton on trent - hanna passed

Read Hanna's Review

When looking for a driving school, it’s important to look for who locally to you has the best reviews. I moved to the area I live now a few months before I started my lessons so I didn’t have anyone to ask for a word-of-mouth recommendation so instead I looked out for which driving instructor I would see driving around the area the most as I knew this would give me an indication as to which instructor would know the roads that I would eventually be driving on regularly the best.
I saw Mark Jordan Driving Schools cars the most so looked them online and read the reviews, which made my decision.
Growing up I was always adamant that I would never be able to drive even on my first lesson I was so anxious to even sit in the driver’s seat as I was so convinced that I just wouldn’t be able to do it; however very much to my surprise after my first lesson with my instructor, Richard, my attitude toward driving had completely changed, although I was still very much a nervous driver in the beginning, I knew that driving would eventually be something that I could do and be good at. Richard was extremely patient with me and very understanding when it came to the initial nerves of driving, he encouraged me to go a little bit further every lesson, whether that would be going into a higher gear or going a little bit faster.
At the start of each lesson Richard would give me a brief on what we were going to practice so when it came to actually doing it, I already had some understanding of what to do. Richard would also find a way to personalise something to help me stick to it; an example of that is when I would forget to put the car into first gear after stopping and then moving off again, Richard gave me a line from my favourite film to tell myself when I was coming to a stop to remember to put the car into first gear. I will definitely be recommending Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking to learn how to drive due to the excellence and expertise of all of the instructors.

Hannah – Burton – Google Review

Louisa Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton on Trent - Louisa passes driving test

Read Louisa's Review

I chose Mark Jordan Driving school through a recommendation.
I was quite nervous to drive but my instructor Mark put me at ease straightaway, enabling me to make quick progress.
He was completely reliable, which was very important, and the 2 hour lessons which he offered allowed me to really develop my skills.
His demonstrations and phrases like ‘tyres and tarmac’ are things I will remember for a long time as a driver.
I would without any hesitation recommend Mark Jordan Driving school.
Louisa – Burton – Google Review

Christian Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in burton on trent male next to white driving school car after passing driving test

Read Christian's Review

I chose Mark Jordan Driving because they were recommended to me and they had an excellent reputation for reliability and first time pass rate.
It was also important to me to learn in a medium sized, new vehicle which would give me experience with the modern tech now found in most cars.

I didn’t know how I would feel on my first lesson but Mark my instructor explained everything clearly, step by step putting me immediately at ease.
The two hour lessons allowed me to consolidate the skills taught and build confidence as the weeks went on.

Mark was always on time and had a reassuring style of teaching whilst allowing me to choose the areas I wished to focus on. He encourages his students to choose the level of instructor input increasing independent thinking as the lessons progress.

I would recommend Mark personally as a driving instructor,
he is professional but friendly and I felt completely safe on the road from my first lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him.
Thank you Mark for helping me pass first time.

Christian – Burton – Google Review

Jay Passed

driving instructors in burton

Read Jay's Review

Mark Jordan Driving School has helped me immensely to become a confident driver, originally being nervous and having to switch between instructors midway through my learning due to unfortunate circumstances but they have been there to help me every step of the way and work through it and adapt to my unique situation in short notice.

I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get into driving lessons, the 2 hour lessons they provide instead of 1 hour lessons are extremely helpful in getting the most out of each lesson.

A big thanks goes out to Richard who was very patient with me and helped me get over the finish line to finally pass my test, they’ve been incredibly helpful and provided clear instructions with a positive attitude all the way through the process and made me a really confident driver.

Thanks for everything!

Jay – Burton – Google Review

Jenna Passed

Driving instructors in Burton - Jenna passes her driving test

Read Jenna's Review

Learning to drive has been such a journey for me.
I had so many emotional and mental battles to overcome.
In the past I had been with so many different instructors and never felt i could connect properly so i always gave up.
So looking for an instructor this time around i knew what i needed to be able to feel comfortable being myself, however emotional and to feel understood in the way i processed information, which i know wasn’t the same as most people!
Mark my instructor totally welcomed me in all of that. Some lessons i was up, and some i was a little down, I felt totally comfortable just being me.
Mark has a great personality with a quirky sense of humour.. He always made me feel as though i could do it even when i doubted myself.. The atmosphere was always very professional but joyful at the same time 😀
Mark really had an understanding that everyone learns differently and really helped me find what Learning method worked for me, Thats so important for anyone Learning to drive. I also have alot of responsibility so i absolutely loved the 2hr set time slots weekly, I knew exactly what time and day my lessons were every week.
Learning to drive has been such an amazing journey for me. Its broken down so many barriers and given me such confidence in areas i didn’t know i lacked!
It’s truly been an experience i will never forget. To be a student of Mark Jordan Driving School has been an absolute pleasure, I would 100% reccomend to anyone young or mature Learning to drive to choose this school, Mark was committed, so encouraging, professional and punctual week in week out. Im forever thankful i chose you!

Jenna – Burton – Google Review

Harry Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton on Trent - Harry passes driving test

Read Harry's Review

Amazing experience! I was worried when I started to look for instructors because of the huge demand and waiting lists that came about because of the covid pandemic.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a good driving instructor, however I was completely wrong.
Mark Jordan Driving School far exceeded my expectations. They have been nothing but professional, punctual and supportive! I will be recommending everyone to use their instructors from now on because of my own personal experience.
From the very first lesson when I first sat in the car with Richard my allocated instructor, I knew he would be an incredible instructor. The first thing I noticed was how patient he is and how comfortable he makes his pupils. Whenever I felt nervous or unsure about something he would explain things in a digestible way that would ease my nerves.
He gave me the confidence to drive safely which has stayed with me after passing my test. I always looked forward to my driving lessons and this was because of the confidence which he instilled in me.
I am very glad that Richard was my instructor, as well as someone who I had the pleasure to have friendly and interesting conversations with, whilst doing my lessons.

Harry – Burton –  Google Review

Lareesa Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton - Lareesa passes driving test

Read Lareesa's Review

Well what can I say except Mark Jordan Driving school exceeded my expectations,I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to learn to drive.
I had had a long break in my driving due to Covid and having a baby and I had seen the Mark Jordan cars around my area and checked them out and read reviews and decided it was the school for me.
With the great help from Jamie and his clear way of explaining things and having great patience, calming attitude and all round good personality it made it a breeze to finally be behind the wheel. Woohoo!
Thanks again Jaime and the Mark Jordan Driving school it is forever appreciated.

Lareesa – Burton –  Google Review

Tilly Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in burton - tilly passes her driving test

Read Tilly's Review

I was super anxious to start learning to drive so when i started looking for lessons the most important thing was to have an instructor who would be patient and supportive.
After reading the reviews i had to pick Mark Jordan Driving. I had Mark as my instructor and he couldn’t have been a better teacher :) super friendly and chatty, i was able to take things at my own pace and have a choice in what i wanted to work on.
If i was anxious he would always try and understand what was making me panic / overthink and would try different things to help whether this was going over roundabouts again and again or putting on his music playlist! he also made sure if we were doing something new to explain in detail what we would be doing beforehand and answer any questions i had which made me feel so much more comfortable and confident.
Having 2 hour lessons was also very beneficial because if i was struggling with something i never felt rushed or like i hadn’t achieved what i wanted to at the end of the lesson.
I definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving. i passed first time and feel confident to drive independently. i’ll have many memorable and funny phrases going through my head to help me when i drive now!!

Tilly – Burton –  Google Review

Jake Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton - Jake passes driving test.

Read Jake's Review

Having started looking for a driving instructor to start after the disruption caused by the COVID pandemic restrictions, I was keen to find an instructor who could make my time and money count and who wasn’t keen to cash in on the increased demand.
For me, the most important criteria when selecting an instructor was that they were patient, calm, amiable and professional with students whilst constructive with feedback, and keen to persevere with their students.
Additionally, I was looking for an instructor who could provide useful resources and structured teaching methods to succeed in both the theory and practical stages of the examinations and who could be accommodating to my learning commitments at university.
Having been taken under the wing of the man himself, Mark Jordan, I am pleased to say that Mark has gone above and beyond to deliver on all my requirements during my time under his tuition and has made learning to drive after COVID a lot less stressful than I anticipated.
Going into my lessons, I was worried that it would be difficult to find an instructor who was flexible enough to work around my studying and assignments. I was also anticipating nervy, improvised lessons with an instructor who might be difficult to build a rapport with. Fortunately for me, Mark was none of these.
Mark, has been flexible enough to work around me studying at university, graduating, and starting my first graduate job all throughout my time under his tuition all whilst waiting times for tests have been at their longest. Mark has persevered with my learning and supported my development right until the end despite changes to my routine and availability. All in all, Mark has allowed me to build a routine that allowed for regular lessons despite changing circumstances and has been keen to work with me for as long as required.
His delivery of lessons has never felt rushed either. Key skills have been introduced clearly and comprehensively in a structured manner with my progress being guided by personal target setting and constant reflection of each drive’s strengths and weaknesses with Mark. By taking this approach it felt like Mark was never rushing me onto new skills before I was ready. At the same time, the constant reflection between me and Mark and working through the well-defined goals set at the start and end of each lesson made sure I was always making constant, observable progress whilst addressing the areas of my driving in most need of improvement at that time.
Finally, Mark has been a pleasure to work with and has made learning to drive an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Calm, friendly, supportive, and outgoing, Mark has been easy to get on with whilst, more importantly, being fair and constructive with his feedback. At no point has Mark ever been patronizing, impatient or rude, and it always felt like Mark always had my back during the occasional instance where mistakes were made (they happen to everyone!). Mark’s teaching style allowed those mistakes to be quickly repurposed into a useful piece of learning rather than leveraged as something to ridicule or insult me with.
All in all, learning to drive with Mark has been an enjoyable, rewarding, and stress-free experience. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor for anyone looking for an instructor to get them on the road!
Thank you for your time, support, and teaching Mark and all the best for the future! You have been outstanding!

Jake – Burton –  Google Review

Lucy Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Burton on trent - Lucy passes driving test

Read Lucy's Review

After a rocky start to driving I was very nervous, but when I joined Mark Jordan Driving School , Mark my instructor put me at ease straight away.
He was very calm and explained things in a different way for me to understand.
The 2 hour lessons were great and I was able to accomplish everything set out for each lesson.
I can’t recommend Mark Jordan Driving highly enough.
I’ll be for ever grateful for Mark’s calm , support and patience.

Lucy – Burton – Google Review

Mitchel Passed

young lad standing next to driving instructor in burton car after passing driving test

Read Mitchell's Review

I chose Mark Jordan after reading the reviews after I had a bad experience with my first instructor, and let’s just say the reviews don’t lie.
I have always been a nervous driver and always dreaded every lesson and my instructor knew that, he would always be calm and have a lot of patience, he would always try to ease the nerves. I thought I’d never be able to drive but with the help of Mark Jordan Driving School and my instructor Richard, I was able to overcome that and passed my test.
After each lesson we would discuss what needed to be improved on and what would we want to do next lesson and how much progress was actually made during the lesson, he always encouraged any questions and always answered them in detail making sure I understood. Even when I made mistakes he wouldn’t get angry, he would always help me solve whatever problem I was having at the time.
I highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School they’re very professional and adjust to your needs, they’re helpful and will work around you. They’re very calming and patient so even if you struggle with anxiety or nerves because of driving as I did, this is the place to go.

Mitchell – Burton – Google Review

Jack Passed 1st Time

young man passes driving test standing next to red driving instructor car in Burton on Trent

Read Jack's Review

When I first booked with 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗝𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗮𝗻 𝗗𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 I had no idea what to expect.
I had heard from friends that all of 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 driving instructors lost their temper and made them feel guilty for all of their mistakes so i was definitely bricking it for my first lesson.
But my experience here at 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗝𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗮𝗻 𝗗𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 was far from the horrible stories i had heard. My instructor Richard was as good as a driving instructor gets and had both experience and an excellent protocol when it came to teaching, he ticked all of the boxes and was not only friendly but patient and honest.
Now the biggest thing that I assume most people will think when they first look at this driving school is the price, there are many other driving schools in the area that are cheaper but the service I received exceeded the price. And the way that Richard taught me to drive probably even saved me money in the long run. Not only that but he is a very honest guy and wouldn’t try and run my pockets dry and only suggested what would be necessary in order to get me from where i started to where I am today. 22 Driving hours later and a full licence, who could ask for better?
Richard was really the catalyst that sparked the swiftness of my driving. Learning to drive scared me at first, every time I went out I would be worried about what could happen and I spent my time doing what I felt would be what other drivers would want me to do rather then doing what is needed of me. I forgot that I was learning. But with time and with conversations he helped me and slowed things down to the point where I could learn way more efficiently.
This was the polar opposite of what I expected, I thought that I would be rushed into things that I didn’t feel confident on. Now there is a fine line between pushing out of your comfort zone and going too far and Richard managed to find this zone with me within just a few hours. He taught me what it was to be a good driver and I intend on keeping his lessons with me forever. His teaching methods were so well made and so well thought about. They were efficient and well made. He also taught me at a pace that was good for me. Not only were the teaching methods great he was also a fun genuine guy.
I couldn’t rate this driving school any higher to be honest, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without them. Many thanks to 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗝𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗮𝗻 𝗗𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 and to Richard my instructor.

Jack – Burton on Trent –  Google Review

Zak Passed 1st Time

Burton Driving Instructors - Zac passes driving test

Read Zak's Review

After the COVID regulations eased, it was difficult to find driving instructors that weren’t booked up for a while. I came across Mark Jordan Driving School by chance through seeing their cars in the local area often.
I decided to contact them and managed to squeeze in with Richard on a weekly basis. I really can’t thank Richard enough for how much he helped me with my driving. He has the perfect mix of letting you know how to fix what needs improving or what went wrong but also lets you know when you’re good at something which gave me a lot of confidence.
Not only was he good at teaching, he is also a nice person to talk to. Always on time, calm, has a clean and tidy car, presentable and polite. After passing my test first time, i am so happy with my experience.
I have already recommended Mark Jordan Driving School to family members and won’t hesitate to recommend to others in the future.

Zak – Burton –  Google Review

Shane Passed

Driving instructors in Burton Shane passes his driving test

Read Shane's Review

I had a great experience with Mark Jordan Driving School, with Richard as my instructor. I needed an instructor with some flexibility on lesson times, and the patience to be able to explain things in a variety of ways.
Richard absolutely delivered on both of these. I always felt encouraged to ask questions, and if I ever had trouble getting my head around a concept, Richard would able to explain it in as many different ways as I needed, be it through words or drawing diagrams on his iPad.
Having 2 hour lessons was very helpful as it ensured we could spend as long as I needed on questions, plus it often enabled us to drive further out of town for more variety in routes. Richard’s lessons would finish with a discussion of how they went and we’d use that to decide what we wanted to work on in the following lesson. This ensured that every lesson had a goal in mind, so whether it was spent tackling something new or just honing the current skill set, we were always able to see some improvement over the previous week.
As Richard would write up these notes and email them to me, I could read and watch videos in preparation for the next drive. This written log of my progress also meant that even after having to miss a few months of lessons due to the early 2021 lockdown, when lessons resumed it was easy to pick up exactly where we left off. Between the flexibility in timeslots and Richard’s expert guidance, lessons were never an inconvenience and I always felt like I got my money’s worth.
I’m glad I chose Mark Jordan Driving School and would recommend it to anyone else considering learning to drive.

Shane – Burton – Google Review

Charlie Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton - Charlie passes his driving test

Read Charlie's Review

Really pleased that we chose Mark Jordan Driving School for my son Charlie’s driving lessons. Great communication before and during lessons. Richard Charlie’s instructor was very patient with Charlie and went over things as many times as Charlie needed.
Excellent feedback each week with a copy sent via email from Richard for him to look at. It was great to know that Charlie’s lessons were at the same time each week.
Richard was always punctual, patient and calm during the lesson and Charlie thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Richard and Mark Jordan Driving School.
Would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and Richard as an Instructor.

Charlie – Burton – Google Review

Sarah Passed 

Girl holding driving test pass certificate next to a red coloured driving instructor car in Burton on Trent

Read Sarah's Review

Driving is not something that has come easy to me, but with the help of Jamie as my Instructor from Mark Jordan Driving School- I was able to pass my driving test this week.
I chose to go with Mark Jordan Driving based on the reviews and structure of the lessons, but Jamie completely surpassed my expectations. From the start he and the driving school made the extra effort to ensure that I was set up for success. Even before starting lessons, I received all the information and phone calls to prepare me -providing everything that I needed to ease my nerves and uncertainties before even sitting in the driver’s side of the car.
Each lesson was clearly thought out and tailored to my needs (be it new skills, improving maneuvers, or ensuring I was comfortable) and has helped me develop into a safe driver. Each 2 hour lesson was followed by a progress tracker and discussion on what the next lesson should consist of, allowing me to look back and see how far I had come.
Jamie is a very patient instructor who immediately made me feel at ease and gave me not only the courage I needed to get behind the wheel, but also convinced me I was capable of driving safely without any anxieties. He always goes the extra mile in ensuring I got what I needed out of the lesson and provided extra materials (photos and videos) for me to refer back to.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive – I always felt that I was a valued student who was listened to, encouraged and was motivated to succeed- the lessons were always the highlight of my week and although I am so happy I have passed my test, I will miss my lessons with Jamie!

Sarah – Burton – Google Review

Harvey Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Burton- Harvey

Read Harvey's Review

I had real luck finding Mark Jordan Driving, I could not have been happier with my experience as I had Richard he was not only understanding but he knew how to act upon nearly any situation.
Richard would tell you how to improve with no fuss as he wants you to pass just as much as you do. Not only did my test get cancelled due to poor weather but Richard was more heartbroken than me! I’m happy it’s all worked out in the end as this will change everything for me.
I want to thank Richard and the whole team for being so professional they truly are the best option for you in my opinion. they understand if you need to cancel in a short term notice as I had to a few times but Richard fully understood and was sympathetic. I not only see Richard as my driving instructor anymore but as a friend as we had a good few laughs together, I will make sure my brother come with you as I am truly impressed with Richards teaching methods as I came off my lessons smiling that I had learnt something new each day.
I want to say Thankyou again especially to Richard for setting such a good example for all driving instructors. I will make sure to spread good words on this franchise and suggest it to anyone who needs reliable, professional and understanding driving lessons. Richard is a great teacher but he is genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life as we had plenty of time to talk.
Richard would not only talk about my interests and his experiences all while being focused at all times as he had to step in a few times during lessons. I’m extremely excited to start driving and it’s all thanks to Richard and team involved. I will forever be grateful for what Richard has taught me as driving is bound to improve anyones life i have always dreamt of this day and Richard has made this possible and in the end of the day it’s all worth it when you get one of Richards Hollywood handshakes. So again I appreciate it so much I hope the best on Richard and the whole team working with Mark Jordan Driving. Thankyou so much!

Harvey – Burton – Google Review

Tyler Passed 

Driving Instructors in Hinckley - Tyler Passed Driving Test

Read Tyler's Review

I would like to Say a massive Thank you to Mark Jordan Driving School for having me as a pupil it has been a very experienced journey.
I chose this school for there reasonable charging fees and the amount of good reviews they had, for saying it was my first choice and never once felt like i wanted to leave because let’s be honest your first few lessons do not always go to plain.
The instructor i had was Jamie Sharp, now this man has been my Rock the whole way through he was always bubbly and happy never once mad me feel unwanted or scared, if anything he was calm & polite, it was like meeting up with a friend you have not seen for years.
I always looked forward to my lessons, he went through every little detail he could think of to help you pass. Jamie you rock and a well deserved credit to the team i highly recommend you and Mark Jordan Driving to anyone looking to start there driving journey Thank you all.

Tyler – Burton – Google Review

Laura Passed

Driving instructors in Burton Laura passes her diving test

Read Laura's Review

I am very pleased that I chose to learn with Mark Jordan Driving School. I had previously had lessons elsewhere and had a bad experience which put me off learning to drive for a few years so it was important to me to find an instructor that would suit me better.
2 of my close friends learned to drive with Mark who was my instructor and had great things to say about the way he taught them so this is how I came to my decision.
I was very comfortable during the lessons as it was more of a relaxed environment than I expected as the feedback was constructive but positive which made me realise there was no need to be nervous to drive as i previously had been.
I would highly recommend this driving school to everybody and I am grateful to them for the skills I have learnt during my time with them.

Laura – Burton – Google Review

Alex Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Burton on Trent - Alex

Read Alex's Review

My most important criteria when choosing a driving instructor was to find someone very experienced and who had a calming presence as I was very scared to start learning to drive.
I expected to dread every lesson and was scared to even get in the car at first. Mark my instructor was such a good instructor and fit my criteria exactly!
Each lesson has a structure and was tailored to what I felt I needed to concentrate on. Mark would add other learning objectives if he felt I needed a little guidance, this worked brilliantly for me.
I always felt I was making the most of my lessons. Each two hours I felt I came on leaps and strides, because of Mark’s teaching methods i passed 𝟭𝘀𝘁 𝗧𝗶𝗺𝗲 and I cannot thank him enough!
I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who like me was too nervous to even get in a car to start with! He and the other instructors will make the most out of your time and money!
Alex – Burton – Google Review

Ellie Passed

driving instructors in Burton on Trent Ellie passes her driving test

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Really pleased that we chose Mark Jordan Driving School for my son Charlie’s driving lessons. Great communication before and during lessons. Richard Charlie’s instructor was very patient with Charlie and went over things as many times as Charlie needed.
Excellent feedback each week with a copy sent via email from Richard for him to look at. It was great to know that Charlie’s lessons were at the same time each week.
Richard was always punctual, patient and calm during the lesson and Charlie thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Richard and Mark Jordan Driving School.
Would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School and Richard as an Instructor.

Charlie – Burton – Google Review

Danielle Passed 1st Time

Driving instructors in Burton - Danielle

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For me, choosing the right instructor was one of the most important aspects of learning to drive.
I’d heard amazing feedback about Mark Jordan Driving specifically and after both of my siblings passed, I knew I would be following in their footsteps.
Learning to drive can be so daunting and nerve wracking so being taught by somebody who is so understanding and patient was crucial to my development – and that’s exactly what you get with Mark who was my instructor.
Learning to drive has been an amazing experience from start to finish. It’s given me a boost in confidence and independence that I didn’t have before, I only wish I’d have done it sooner! From the reviews I had read and the feedback from my siblings prior to starting my lessons, I knew that choosing Mark Jordan Driving would be the best choice for me.
I was able to learn, develop and pass first time whilst feeling safe and understood on a weekly basis. The fact that I was able to move onto the next milestones in my own time was instrumental to my progress as a learner driver. I love the fact that Mark was patient with me throughout and always gave constructive, positive feedback to keep me going.
I would whole heartedly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anybody who wanted to learn to drive in a safe and friendly environment with instructors who you can trust and learn from.
Danielle – Burton – Google Review

Liam Passed 1st Time

Driving Instructors in Burton - Liam

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Booking with Mark Jordan Driving was very helpful during the unprecedented times during the lockdown.
Weekly reminders the morning before the lessons was very helpful, and during the lessons the materials on the iPad about my lessons were great. They detailed what I have covered during my lessons and how many lessons I had left before I needed to pay.
My instructor was Jamie, who is everything you want in an instructor and more. Before I started my lessons with him I had never driven a car on the road, but I had experience on the road through cycling (which he commonly linked my awareness to.
I was nervous on the first lesson like everyone would be, however Jamie was incredibly patient and reassuring, making it easy to learn even when you are stressed. He will never make you feel bad for making a mistake, but will make sure you remember not to make the mistake again, which personally made my learning progress well.
He is also a very likeable person who makes the lessons not just informative, but also very enjoyable!
I highly recommend both him and the rest of Mark Jordan Driving instructors to anyone who’s learning from scratch or experienced learners.
Liam – Burton – Google Review

Ellie Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in burton - Ellie Fitzer

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Whilst looking for a driving instructor, I was keen to find someone who was patient, reassuring and professional, which is exactly what I found.
When starting my first few lessons, I was extremely nervous, but I was immediately put at ease through the reassurance that I received, from my instructor Richard.
I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who is similar to me and feels extremely nervous to start driving.
Their teaching methods were extremely effective and enabled me to pass first time. I was shown throughout my experiences how to correct my mistakes and drive safely.
I would 100% recommend this driving school to any new learners.

Ellie – Burton on Trent – Google Review

Chloe Passed 1st Time

Burton driving instructors - chloe

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When choosing a driving school it was so important that I found someone who had impeccably good reviews. When a friend told me about Mark Jordan and I read through other peoples’ experiences – I decided nowhere else could compare. And I was not wrong.
Since I suffer a lot with anxiety, it was crucial that my instructor would be able to keep me calm and Richard was perfect. After the very first drive – I loved it and really looked forward to every lesson; no nervousness whatsoever!
Lessons lasted 2 hours each time and I found that so much more beneficial than the standard 1 hour. We had time to recap at the start of each lesson and plenty of time to practice.
Richard was very patient with me and filled me with confidence. He would answer all my questions and often had visual examples to help me understand so much better. We always had a good laugh in the process which made learning to drive so much easier, comfortable and enjoyable.
Overall, I would seriously recommend Mark Jordan Driving to absolutely anyone who wants to learn to drive. There really is no better driving School around.

Chloe – Burton on Trent – Google Review

Neve Passed 1st Time

driving instructors in Burton Neve Passed first time

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When looking for a driving school, I wanted to ensure I was going to receive high quality lessons, a good value for money, and most importantly- a calm, reassuring environment to learn in.
Mark Jordan Driving School provided all of these things and I found that having two hour lessons gave me the time I really needed to improve and build on my confidence each week.
With Mark as my instructor I always felt reassured and supported even as an extremely anxious driver.
I was never rushed and was always given the chance to go over anything that I felt unsure of no matter how basic it was.
Driving became much easier and more enjoyable than I had expected and Mark’s teaching methods were clear and focused on covering a new skill each week while still practising and improving things I had already learnt.
Receiving notes each week via email meant I could focus on certain areas and gave me things to practice in my driving outside of lessons.
I could not recommend Mark and Mark Jordan Driving School more!
Neve – Burton on Trent – Google Review

Sophia Passed 1st Time

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The reason I chose Mark Jordan Driving was because of the amazing reviews they have on their website, a family friend of mine also recommended them. Mark my instructor was an amazing teacher, he was extremely professional and supportive every lesson. If I made any mistakes he’d always stay calm and correct me without making me feel anxious!
Every lesson we would write down the good parts of the lesson and the bits I need to improve on which I would reflect on over the week and would help me when it comes to the next lesson. He was really really patient with me, it took me a while to learn certain things due to my nerves but he never rushed me to learn them!
I really recommend Mark Jordan Driving School, if you want a professional, patient and friendly driving school I really think this one is the perfect one!
Sophia – Burton on Trent – Google Review

Customer Review Burton – Ellie Passed 1st Time

When looking for a driving instructor, I was looking for someone who had consistency in the time and day of the lessons to fit in around school and work, which Mark Jordan Driving School do. I was also looking for an instructor who was reliable, professional and friendly.

My instructor was Mark who was very reliable and increased my confidence. When I started I was very nervous about driving but he helped me to gain masses of confidence, enabling me to pass my test 1st time. Each lesson was efficiently planned out, meaning no learning time was wasted. After each lesson I received a weekly log with improvements and achievements, which gave me the guidance of what to work on outside of my lessons. I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School.

Customer Review Burton – Anna Passed 

I had Richard as my driving instructor and he was so understanding and boosted me with confidence so much!! I always panic and stress, and Richard dealt with that really well and did genuinely calm me down with a “you can do it!” positive attitude! He also used teaching techniques which helped me clearly understand what I needed to learn and the skills I needed to know to drive! I wouldn’t have done it without him and he made me very comfortable! (He was never awkward which would have been hell for me!) When I first started with Mark Jordan Driving School, I was happy with an information pack that was sent to me via post. It reduced my anxieties about starting my first driving lesson, as it was super positive and told me what I was to be expecting with my lessons! I quite liked that touch! Overall, I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving ?

Customer Review Burton – Samual Passed 1st Time

I chose Mark Jordan Driving after seeing their reviews and reading why others had chose them.
Richard was my instructor and was a great instructor, he was very patient and allowed me to suggest what I would like to cover in each lesson, meaning I never felt forced into doing something I didn’t want to do, he was also very friendly which helped me to quickly feel comfortable in the lessons.
Due to the fact that I wasn’t force to do anything and I never initially wanted to learn to drive I feel that I was well prepared for my test, which I passed 1st time thanks to Richards great instruction.

Customer Review Burton – Ben Passed 1st Time

What first attracted me to Mark Jordan Driving school was the great advertised pass rate, which turned out to be true as I passed first time with only 1 fault. Mark who was my instructor  was great, he gave me a good understanding of the road whilst being very supportive. Sending me a weekly report that I filled in on the Ipad after each lesson, this helped me to think about the next lesson and what I wanted to achieve, making the whole experience alot easier. I would fully recommend Mark Jordan Driving school for the confidence i know have as a new driver..

Customer Review Burton – Ben Passed 1st Time

I first started to find myself a driving instructor that won’t waste my time and just do it for the money, I searched on the internet and looking through the reviews on other driving websites, Mark Jordan Driving was the one I saw many times. I wasn’t sure still but I booked my first lesson with the package of 10 hours what was really good deal and it was the best thing I did, my driving instructor “Richard” was very polite, helpful and just made you feel really comfortable no matter what situation your in what help me pass first time, after doing a couple of lessons I did think about trying to get one hour lessons but trust me the two hour lessons are the best thing for you as you have a lot more time to go through anything you have doubts about and learn a lot more. Thank you to Mark Jordan Driving for the time and focus can’t ask for a better team.

Customer Review Burton – Jessica Passed 1st Time

After one of my friends passed first time with Mark, I decided to go with him for my driving lessons. After previously having a few lessons with another driving school three years before starting with Mark, I was reminded of a few things on the first lesson and then I was able to go straight back into driving! His teaching methods are second to none and I always felt comfortable when on my lessons. Always on time and never moving lessons unless another student was on a test, I became confident quickly which led to me passing my test first time also! He was very clear and quick to stop bad habits or mistakes and I recommend him highly! Thanks Mark!

Customer Review Burton – Dominic Passed 1st Time

My Lessons were with Richard and I honestly cannot recommend him enough! after doing 5 lessons with bill plant and being put off driving massively, I was looking for a driving school that could offer 2 hour lessons, and patient instructors. From the first lesson Richard was extremely patient and relaxed, he is incredibly knowledgable and experienced on the road. Not only is Richard patient but he is well humoured also, and made every lesson an absolute pleasure. I never felt uncomfortable in the car at all. I was encouraged all the way to the end, and never allowed to dwell on mistakes too much. Richard was punctual, always well presented. All the guidance I received was absolutely spot on and I cannot compliment Richard enough, anybody who is looking to learn to drive and has any doubts at all about who to learn with, look no further, Mark Jordan is the perfect choice. The two hour lessons allow you to cover lots of ground and I feel accelerate your learning, Thank you to Richard for the amazing lessons that allowed me to pass first time! Ecstatic is not the word!

Customer Review Burton – Annabel Passed 1st Time

Mark was recommended to me by a family friend, as they said he was patient, professional and friendly. Based on this I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to learn with him. As someone who is a big over-thinker and let my nerves get the better of me. Mark was very reassuring and motivated me to pass my test 1st time, which I didn’t think was possible. Learning to drive with Mark was significantly less daunting than I expected, and I definitely didn’t expect to be driving on my first lesson. Which made my driving experience a lot more enjoyable and exciting. Alongside this, I also got weekly progress logs which indicated what I needed to improve on and what was going well. I found that this not only improved my performance within my lessons but it also increased my confidence whilst I was practicing in my own car with my parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to learn with, and I highly recommend Mark to anyone who has the desire to learn how to drive.

Customer Review Burton – Charlotte Passed 1st Time

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School as it was recommended to me by a family member and friend who said they were friendly and professional and they both passed 1st time. The most important thing to me when choosing a driving instructor was to find someone who encouraged me and gave me the confidence to learn to drive, along with someone who had excellent pass rates. My instructor was Mark who was always reliable, patient and reassuring which gave me the confidence i needed to learn to drive. Every procedure was explained in detail which was very helpful and we repeated them until i was confident in carrying them out, as well as this i received weekly logs after every lesson highlighting my achievements and what i needed to improve on. This weekly log also helped me when driving my own car with my parents. Learning to drive with mark was a lot less nerve-wracking than i first thought, he soon made me feel at ease behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who was looking to learn to drive and i couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thanks to Mark I passed 1st time. 

Customer Review Burton – Dan Passed 1st Time 

My Dad was the one who chose Mark as his reviews were outstanding. I would seriously recommend Mark Jordan as he was very hospitable and welcoming with a letter sent to your door before even having a lesson. His methods of teaching were very professional and beneficial as he most importantly teaches how to drive safely, not just to pass your test. Although he wasn’t very flexible due to the very high demand for students and waiting list, I took the only available spot I could and never looked back. Mark made me feel very comfortable and able to ask any questions without feeling undermined and this was a very important factor in passing first time. If there is anyone thinking of learning with Mark Jordan Driving, I would hugely recommend it. Thanks Mark. Dan Campbell – Burton on Trent

Customer Review Burton – Jake Passed 1st Time

I heard about Mark Jordan Driving School from a friend who was certain they were the best driving instructors available, they also passed first time like myself. When choosing a driving instructor I was looking for someone who was both professional but also friendly. Learning to drive with Mark who was my instructor exceeded all my expectations, I never felt worried or afraid to ask any questions. The lessons I had were very student lead and once the initial stages of my learning where completed I always felt like we were working on what I felt least comfortable with to prepare me for test day. I would recommended Mark Jordan Driving School to any person looking for a driving instructor they can trust will give them the best opportunity to become safe and responsible driver.

Customer Review Burton – Callum Passed 1st Time

Before starting with Mark I had never sat behind a car steering wheel. I never thought before I started with Mark I would be here right now writing this review on passing my test first time! My nerves quickly disappeared due to Marks fantastic teaching and amazing support, obviously there was still some on the day of the test! Mark is someone you would exactly want from an instructor and more, his desire each lesson to ensure I progressed was evident throughout. I would highly recommend Mark, you definitely wont regret it! Once again, many thanks to Mark, we shared great memories and laughs and Im sure going to keep in touch Customer Reviews Burton Callum Stokes

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