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how to pass your driving test first time

Driving instructors in Swadlincote Luke passed first time.

Customer Review Swadlincote – Luke Passed 1st Time

When choosing a driving instructor, we looked for good reviews and pass rates, we decided to go with Mark Jordan Driving due to the great reviews and statistics. They did not disappoint. Learning to drive was very important for me but was a bit nerve wracking, however Mark Jordan Driving made the whole experience extremely comfortable and it moved at my own pace. Driving was a lot more fun than I expected, but there was a lot more to think about, at once, than I ever imagined. My instructor was Richard who was very easy to drive with and made the whole experience as smooth as it could have been. I found the methods that I learned very professional and well thought out, and i managed to learn them rather quickly which was very helpful in the long run. I would 100% recommend Mark Jordan Driving to everyone looking to learn to drive because of how smooth they make the whole learning process, the instructors are very friendly and easy to listen to.


driving lessons in ashby harry passed with just 4 faults

Customer Review Ashby – Harry Passed

When choosing a driving instructor I wanted one that had been recommended by many people. I also wanted an instructor who Taught me how to drive holistically and not just to the specifications of the test so that I would be a safe driver in the future. I found learning to drive to be a safe experience due to the guidance of the instructor and there control over the car. My instructor was Mark Jordan and I found him to be both reliable and knowledgeable and for these reasons I would recommend him or anyone who uses his logo.

driving lessons in burton sophia

Customer Review Burton – Sophia Passed 1st Time

My lessons were with Mark and I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor! Having a personal recommendation from family who had passed previously with Mark Jordan was why I contacted him. From my very first lesson he covered everything I needed to know really thoroughly so that I was really well prepared for test day. Mark was really friendly and patient and I can’t recommend him enough.

driving lessons inashby with mark jordan driving school maddie passed with 3 faults

Customer Review Ashby – Maddie Passed

Learning to drive is an experience like no other, there are always ups and downs but every time my instructor, Richard, was there for me to give me praise when I did well and gave me help and guidance when it was needed. My nerves and confidence was a massive issue with driving but my instructor put me at ease by talking through any issues that I had. I will definitely be recommending Mark Jordan Driving, as the teaching and support given is to such a high standard.

driving lessons in burton jess passed first time

Customer Review Burton – Jessica Passed 1st Time

After one of my friends passed first time with Mark, I decided to go with him for my driving lessons. After previously having a few lessons with another driving school three years before starting with Mark, I was reminded of a few things on the first lesson and then I was able to go straight back into driving! His teaching methods are second to none and I always felt comfortable when on my lessons. Always on time and never moving lessons unless another student was on a test, I became confident quickly which led to me passing my test first time also! He was very clear and quick to stop bad habits or mistakes and I recommend him highly! Thanks Mark!

driving lessons in burton - dominic passes first time

Customer Review Burton – Dominic Passed 1st Time

My Lessons were with Richard and I honestly cannot recommend him enough! after doing 5 lessons with bill plant and being put off driving massively, I was looking for a driving school that could offer 2 hour lessons, and patient instructors. From the first lesson Richard was extremely patient and relaxed, he is incredibly knowledgable and experienced on the road. Not only is Richard patient but he is well humoured also, and made every lesson an absolute pleasure. I never felt uncomfortable in the car at all. I was encouraged all the way to the end, and never allowed to dwell on mistakes too much. Richard was punctual, always well presented. All the guidance I received was absolutely spot on and I cannot compliment Richard enough, anybody who is looking to learn to drive and has any doubts at all about who to learn with, look no further, Mark Jordan is the perfect choice. The two hour lessons allow you to cover lots of ground and I feel accelerate your learning, Thank you to Richard for the amazing lessons that allowed me to pass first time! Ecstatic is not the word!

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driving lessons in ashby with mark jordan driving, Charley passed first time

Customer Review Ashby – Charlie Passed 1st Time

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School because I needed a calm, reliable instructor.

I was very nervous when I first started driving, and hadn’t had a lesson where I hadn’t cried until I started driving with Mark who was my instructor.

He talks you through every step of the process, and makes you feel safe when doing so. I would 100% recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone, and I put my first time pass down to them and my instructor entirely. I couldn’t possibly say thank you enough.


driving instructors in swadlincote - toby passed his driving test first time Carpenter

Customer Review Swadlincote – Toby Passed 1st Time

I Chose Mark Jordan Driving because they have the best ways of teaching you how to drive, compared to other instructors I’ve heard about through friends…..
Richard was my driving instructor and I’ve got to say I expected to just drive around and learn through experience but Richard used an iPad, to show birds eye views of roundabouts and junctions to help understand them. Would highly recommend this driving school for any new learners.

Driving Lessons in Burton

Customer Review Burton – Annabel Passed 1st Time

Mark was recommended to me by a family friend, as they said he was patient, professional and friendly. Based on this I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to learn with him. As someone who is a big over-thinker and let my nerves get the better of me. Mark was very reassuring and motivated me to pass my test 1st time, which I didn’t think was possible. Learning to drive with Mark was significantly less daunting than I expected, and I definitely didn’t expect to be driving on my first lesson. Which made my driving experience a lot more enjoyable and exciting. Alongside this, I also got weekly progress logs which indicated what I needed to improve on and what was going well. I found that this not only improved my performance within my lessons but it also increased my confidence whilst I was practicing in my own car with my parents. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to learn with, and I highly recommend Mark to anyone who has the desire to learn how to drive.

After driving lessons in swadlincote with Mark Jordan Driving John passes his driving test.

Customer Review Swadlincote – John Passed 

I passed today with my instructor Richard who has been awesome getting me through my test in little over a month,I had some driving experience which he was able to capitalise on which great as I suspect any other instructor/driving school would have started me from scratch,I can’t recommend this driving school enough Richard’s teaching style is brilliant,all I can say is if for any reason you’re not happy with your current instructor/driving school don’t hesitate in giving mark Jordan a ring well worth your time and money.


Driving Instructors in Burton

Customer Review Burton – Daisy Passed 

I couldn’t recommend Mark Jordan Driving enough. I was incredibly nervous before starting but I received a letter outlining exactly what would happen during the first lesson which I found very helpful, and upon meeting Mark my instructor, he put me at ease straight away. As someone who is quite shy I found the prospect of sitting in a car with someone I didn’t know quite daunting, but again Mark put me at ease with his friendly and laid back manner. He was always very patient and reassuring when I made mistakes and I always felt safe when driving. Thank you Mark! Daisy – Burton on Trent

Driving Lessons Swadlincote 

Customer Review Swadlincote – Anna Passed 1st Time + ZERO Faults

My dad actually found mark and chose him as he had so many excellent reviews. Mark personally dropped a welcome pack through my door before my first lesson. I had never sat behind a wheel in a car before and never thought in a million years I’d be sitting here just over 5 months later, passed with 0 minors! I really thought it was going to take so much longer. It was very important to me that my driving instructor was able to make me feel comfortable, at ease and was also patient. I also wanted someone who was easy to get along with through the process. Mark gave me the confidence I needed and I was never afraid to ask any questions. Marks teaching methods were excellent, it wasn’t just about passing my test but it was about how to drive safely afterwards. Marks parking methods really helped me. I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan to any who’s about to start, you definitely won’t regret it! I can’t wait to start driving my little Vauxhall Adam, thank you so much mark! – Anna Sharp Swadlincote.


driving lessons beginners deal burton on trent 

Customer Review Burton – Paige Passed

When choosing a driving instructor, the most important thing for me was to feel comfortable and be made to feel confident in my ability to drive, as I had never driven before. Other factors that were important to me, was to be able to find someone that I could get along with and that would stay patient throughout the whole process of learning to drive. Learning to drive was completely different to what I expected, as I thought it would be a few weeks before I would really be trusted to go on the roads. However, on the first lesson I was already getting first hand experience on the road. I also didn’t expect to enjoy driving, but after a few weeks I was really enjoying it. His teaching methods are great, as he uses progress logs so that at the end of every lesson you know what went well and what could be improved. This ensures that you stay on track and always know what you are working on for the next lesson. He also asks how much support you would like every lesson, so that you feel comfortable and he doesn’t take over too much if you feel you know what you are doing. I would highly recommend Mark Jordan to others learning to drive. Paige – Burton on Trent 26/05/2018


Driving Instructors Burton 

Customer Review Burton – Dan Passed 1st Time

My Dad was the one who chose Mark as his reviews were outstanding. I would seriously recommend Mark Jordan as he was very hospitable and welcoming with a letter sent to your door before even having a lesson. His methods of teaching were very professional and beneficial as he most importantly teaches how to drive safely, not just to pass your test. Although he wasn’t very flexible due to the very high demand for students and waiting list, I took the only available spot I could and never looked back. Mark made me feel very comfortable and able to ask any questions without feeling undermined and this was a very important factor in passing first time. If there is anyone thinking of learning with Mark Jordan Driving, I would hugely recommend it. Thanks Mark. Dan Campbell – Burton on Trent

Driving Instructors in Burton charlotte passed her driving test first time with Mark Jordan Driving

Customer Review Burton – Charlotte Passed 1st Time

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School as it was recommended to me by a family member and friend who said they were friendly and professional and they both passed 1st time. The most important thing to me when choosing a driving instructor was to find someone who encouraged me and gave me the confidence to learn to drive, along with someone who had excellent pass rates. My instructor was Mark who was always reliable, patient and reassuring which gave me the confidence i needed to learn to drive. Every procedure was explained in detail which was very helpful and we repeated them until i was confident in carrying them out, as well as this i received weekly logs after every lesson highlighting my achievements and what i needed to improve on. This weekly log also helped me when driving my own car with my parents. Learning to drive with mark was a lot less nerve-wracking than i first thought, he soon made me feel at ease behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone who was looking to learn to drive and i couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thanks to Mark I passed 1st time. 

driving lessons swadlincote - alex passed 1st time

Customer Review Swadlincote – Alex Passed 1st Time

I am very happy that I chose Mark as he is a great instructor and I couldn’t recommend him more. The first couple of lesson I felt quite nervous in case I was put in a situation I didn’t know how to deal with. Yet Mark helped me feel comfortable with driving as he explains everything well and takes each manoeuvre one at a time until you feel confident doing them. On top of this I was sent weekly emails that showed me my driving progress and even a free resource for revising my theory test. Cheers Mark.


driving lessons in swadlincote danny passed first time

Customer Review Swadlincote – Danny Passed 1st Time

Before having lessons I was a terribly nervous driver. My instructor Richard Wall helped me deal with that on my very 1st lesson. From there I gained my confidence through the very well structured lessons and subsequently flew through the lessons. Often completing more in one lesson than I would have in multiple lessons with a previous company. I passed my test yesterday on my 1st attempt and it’s all down to Richards fantastic tutorship. So thank you Mark Jordan Driving School and a massive thank you to Richard for giving me all the tools I needed to get on the road! Danny Parkes.

callum passes driving test first time

Customer Review Burton – Callum Passed 1st Time

Before starting with Mark I had never sat behind a car steering wheel. I never thought before I started with Mark I would be here right now writing this review on passing my test first time! My nerves quickly disappeared due to Marks fantastic teaching and amazing support, obviously there was still some on the day of the test! Mark is someone you would exactly want from an instructor and more, his desire each lesson to ensure I progressed was evident throughout. I would highly recommend Mark, you definitely wont regret it! Once again, many thanks to Mark, we shared great memories and laughs and Im sure going to keep in touch Customer Reviews Burton Callum Stokes

Driving Lessons in ashby - josh passed first time.

Customer Review Ashby – Josh Passed 1st Time

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School because when looking for an instructor I was looking for one that had high ratings. I wanted to learn everything quickly and effectively Mark who was my instructor did just that which helped me to pass my practical exam 1st time. Mark was calm and helped me whenever when driving which is why I would recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to others. Thanks for all your help Mark.


driving ionstructors in swadlincote - Adam passed with zero faults

Customer Review Swadlincote – Adam Passed 1st Time + ZERO Faults

When looking for a driving instructor, I was looking for someone who would be patient, calm and talkative. I also needed the lessons to be affordable, and ideally 2 hour lessons. Mark’s driving school ticked all the boxes for me, and made me feel very at ease about getting behind the wheel. The support was always there, answering any of my questions about driving and was even able to provide additional driving notes to me on the maneuvers I struggled with the most. The teaching methods were perfect for me, introducing new things regularly which allowed me to make the most out of my hours. I would reccomend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who is looking to learn. As someone who wasn’t too confident about driving, Mark really helped me gain my confidence and helped me all the way through my 5 months of learning to drive. I would highly reccomend Mark Jordan Driving to anybody who’s thinking of learning.

driving lessons in burton jake passed first time with mark jordan driving school

Customer Review Burton – Jake Passed 1st Time

I heard about Mark Jordan Driving School from a friend who was certain they were the best driving instructors available, they also passed first time like myself. When choosing a driving instructor I was looking for someone who was both professional but also friendly. Learning to drive with Mark who was my instructor exceeded all my expectations, I never felt worried or afraid to ask any questions. The lessons I had were very student lead and once the initial stages of my learning where completed I always felt like we were working on what I felt least comfortable with to prepare me for test day. I would recommended Mark Jordan Driving School to any person looking for a driving instructor they can trust will give them the best opportunity to become safe and responsible driver.

driving lessons ashby - emily passed with zero faults

Customer Review Ashby – Emily Passed 1st Time + ZERO Faults

I chose Mark Jordan Driving School as I was looking for a driving instructor that made me feel comfortable and at ease in quite a daunting situation. Mark who was my instructor made me feel comfortable straight away and I didn’t feel nervous for any of my driving lessons after meeting him. I wanted to make sure that I would become a safe driver and be confident in my own ability, Mark was very encouraging and would always assure me in what I was doing, or would provide help/advice in a way that did not feel negative. I was really nervous about learning to drive but Mark encouraged me throughout all my lessons and always made me feel capable. He would praise me when it was due but would instruct me nicely on what I needed to improve on. He would always go over anything that I asked for and would have a clear lesson structure which ensured I learned everything I needed to properly. I would definitely recommend Mark as a driving instructor as he is very patient and calm but he was very easy to chat to and always made me feel comfortable. His help meant that I managed to pass my test with no faults so I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School


driving lessons in burton Kaitlyn passes her diving test first time

Customer Review Burton – Kaitlyn Passed 1st Time

Why I Chose Mark Jordan Driving.

When I was looking for a driving instructor I felt like the most important thing is that the business are offering a good value service and done with passion. I think a good reputation is key to a good driving school and Mark Jordan Driving stood out for its excellent first time pass rate. Mark was my instructor who was great at getting me to where I needed to be in order to be successful in my test. By the end of my lessons Mark got me feeling confident at driving independently which was a key reason to my success at passing. Mark made me feel confident by allowing an easy atmosphere to ask questions and his reflection logs would help me look back on my strengths and weaknesses to try and improve for the next lesson. Since a young age I couldn’t wait to drive so when starting lessons with Mark Jordan Driving I was so excited and Mark made the lessons enjoyable and productive. I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving School as they make the lessons adaptable meaning that they have the pupils at their best interests and they are very patient when there’s a particular aspect you are struggling on. The two hour slots are beneficial as you get a real feel for what you’re doing making it much easier to remember for the next lesson.

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