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Our pricing is simple. Pay in blocks of 10 hours for our best offer and if you've never driven before you can take our popular 'Beginners Deal' to start you off.

Mark Jordan Driving School

Kick start your driving lessons if you have never driven before.
£320 for your first 10 hours.

Block book driving lessons

Continue to save, by buying driving lessons in blocks of 10 hours.
£340 for each 10 hour block.

2 Hour Driving Lessons

2 Hour Driving Lessons

With 2 hour driving lessons pupils learn and retain more information, practicing each subject longer giving you better understanding. Getting you to test standard in a fraction of the time.

Driving lessons Mark Jordan

A Fixed Lesson Time

All our pupils will benefit from a fixed weekly 2 hour slot. This helps you plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will be at the same time and on the same day every week.

Money back guarantee - Mark Jordan Driving

A Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love both the service and tuition we provide, I will back it up with a Money Back Guarantee should you not be delighted with our service or tuition.

We pride ourselves with our continued success. Read why pupils actually
choose Mark Jordan Driving for their tuition

Driving Instructors in Burton - Sarah

Customer Review Burton – Sarah Passed

Driving is not something that has come easy to me, but with the help of Jamie as my Instructor from Mark Jordan Driving School – I was able to pass my driving test this week.
I chose to go with Mark Jordan Driving based on the reviews and structure of the lessons, but Jamie completely surpassed my expectations. From the start he and the driving school made the extra effort to ensure that I was set up for success. Even before starting lessons, I received all the information and phone calls to prepare me -providing everything that I needed to ease my nerves and uncertainties before even sitting in the driver’s side of the car.
Each lesson was clearly thought out and tailored to my needs (be it new skills, improving maneuvers, or ensuring I was comfortable) and has helped me develop into a safe driver. Each 2 hour lesson was followed by a progress tracker and discussion on what the next lesson should consist of, allowing me to look back and see how far I had come.
Jamie is a very patient instructor who immediately made me feel at ease and gave me not only the courage I needed to get behind the wheel, but also convinced me I was capable of driving safely without any anxieties. He always goes the extra mile in ensuring I got what I needed out of the lesson and provided extra materials (photos and videos) for me to refer back to.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive – I always felt that I was a valued student who was listened to, encouraged and was motivated to succeed- the lessons were always the highlight of my week and although I am so happy I have passed my test, I will miss my lessons with Jamie!

Sarah – Burton on Trent Google Review

young lad standing next to driving instructor in burton car after passing driving test

Customer Review Burton – Mitchell Passed

I chose Mark Jordan after reading the reviews after I had a bad experience with my first instructor, and let’s just say the reviews don’t lie.
I have always been a nervous driver and always dreaded every lesson and my instructor knew that, he would always be calm and have a lot of patience, he would always try to ease the nerves. I thought I’d never be able to drive but with the help of Mark Jordan Driving School and my instructor Richard, I was able to overcome that and passed my test.
After each lesson we would discuss what needed to be improved on and what would we want to do next lesson and how much progress was actually made during the lesson, he always encouraged any questions and always answered them in detail making sure I understood. Even when I made mistakes he wouldn’t get angry, he would always help me solve whatever problem I was having at the time.
I highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School they’re very professional and adjust to your needs, they’re helpful and will work around you. They’re very calming and patient so even if you struggle with anxiety or nerves because of driving as I did, this is the place to go.

Mitchell – Burton on TrentGoogle Review

Driving Instructors in Burton- Harvey

Customer Review Burton – Harvey Passed 1st Time

I had real luck finding Mark Jordan Driving, I could not have been happier with my experience as I had Richard he was not only understanding but he knew how to act upon nearly any situation.
Richard would tell you how to improve with no fuss as he wants you to pass just as much as you do. Not only did my test get cancelled due to poor weather but Richard was more heartbroken than me! I’m happy it’s all worked out in the end as this will change everything for me.
I want to thank Richard and the whole team for being so professional they truly are the best option for you in my opinion. they understand if you need to cancel in a short term notice as I had to a few times but Richard fully understood and was sympathetic. I not only see Richard as my driving instructor anymore but as a friend as we had a good few laughs together, I will make sure my brother come with you as I am truly impressed with Richards teaching methods as I came off my lessons smiling that I had learnt something new each day.
I want to say Thankyou again especially to Richard for setting such a good example for all driving instructors. I will make sure to spread good words on this franchise and suggest it to anyone who needs reliable, professional and understanding driving lessons. Richard is a great teacher but he is genuinely interested in what’s going on in your life as we had plenty of time to talk.
Richard would not only talk about my interests and his experiences all while being focused at all times as he had to step in a few times during lessons. I’m extremely excited to start driving and it’s all thanks to Richard and team involved. I will forever be grateful for what Richard has taught me as driving is bound to improve anyones life i have always dreamt of this day and Richard has made this possible and in the end of the day it’s all worth it when you get one of Richards Hollywood handshakes. So again I appreciate it so much I hope the best on Richard and the whole team working with Mark Jordan Driving. Thankyou so much!
Harvey – Burton on Trent Google Review
Mark Jordan Driving

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Mark Jordan Driving

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You Ask - We Answer
Our 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Drive on my First Lesson?

You will definitley drive on your first lesson. Your driving instructor will drive you to a quiet and safe area to start and go over some basic training that you will need to perform each time you get in the car, we call this the 'Cockpit Drill'.

Once you are familiar with this they will then give you a full briefing about driving the car and get you to have a go whilst they talk you through every step of the way.

You can download our FREE PDF that will go into more detail about your first lesson.

Your first driving lesson is the start of our 'Accelerated Learning System' to help you to test in the shortest time, saving you money and frustration along the way.

How Many Lessons Per Week?

We strongly recommend having 2 hour lessons.

By having a 2 hour lesson you will learn far more and be test ready in half the time.

Taking a regular 2 hour lesson once a week will give you more time to practice the subject you are currently learning, you retain the information better and as mentioned you will be test ready sooner.

If you book with us your chosen lesson slot will be the same time and day every week so you can plan your free time knowing your driving lesson will always be the same.

What is Your 1st Time Pass Rate?

We are very proud of our 1st time pass rate and our driving instructors deserve a lot of credit for their hard work.

Its impossible to give the exact % as we have tests almost every day so it will continually change.

You only have to read our reviews here on our site and also on Google to see how happy our pupils have been with both our service and their lessons.

We want you to choose the right driving school for your tuition and not to become one of the 30% of local pupils who change their instructor half way through their tuition.

Do You Offer Block Bookings?


We strongly recommend booking in blocks of 10 hours. This will give you a discount of £8 per lesson based on our pay weekly price. If you have paid for 10 hours and decide you need to stop for whatever reason we will happily refund any credit you have remaining.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

It's really hard to know until you start your lessons .

Using our 'Accelerated Learning System' we find pupils achieve test standard sooner rather than later.

If you book lessons in blocks of 10 hours and at the end of those 10 hours you feel you are not ready, book another 10 and so on until you feel ready and feel you are a safe driver.

If you book in 10's and end up taking your test with paid hours still  left over, we will happily refund the remainder.

Do You Pick Up Or Do I Meet You?

All our instructors will pick up and drop off locally. We can pick up after college or work and drop you back at home. Pick up from home and drop off at work or college.

As long as it is local we will even drop you off for your dentist or hair appointment in town.

As long as you let your instructor know at the beginning of the lesson or text them the day before they will be happy to help.

Why Choose Mark Jordan Driving?

    • Fully qualified driving instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons in Burton.
    • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages, block bookings and refresher lessons.
    • Many Students search driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area, so we don’t have to be the nearest.
    • Which driving instructor do you choose, when some driving instructors are cheap and lack reviews?
    • It’s often a big mistake to choose driving schools in Burton who are the cheapest and buy on price alone. It may cost more to learn in the long run.
    • We are nearby for new drivers and highly rated by our customers which is great news.

Hi and welcome to Mark Jordan Driving Burton.
Our aim is to help you pass your driving test in the quickest and safest time possible.

All our driving instructors in Burton on Trent are fully qualified and DVSA approved so you are in safe hands, they have all been DBS/CRB checked and will appear on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors.
We want you to enjoy your driving lessons and more importantly we want you to understand why you are doing what you are doing at any given time, this will equip you to deal with the ever demanding driving conditions of our busy road network.
We offer one of the best team of driving instructors in the Burton on Trent area and to back it up, we offer all pupils a Money Back Guarantee.
You can pay for driving lessons weekly, or you can block book driving lessons.

Remember It’s Your Driving Lesson.
So we will move at your pace, we won’t make you attempt something new until you are confident to do so. Your driving lessons are tailored to you, everyone is different and we all have our own style of learning and at a different pace, so your instructor will work with you at your pace and in your style of learning.
You may prefer to learn from a more theory based lesson, this will involve your driving instructor using the latest Apps and their iPad, to then have a go at what you have both planned, or you may prefer to learn from a more have a go and see basis.
Whatever suits your style of learning is how our instructors will help you develop your driving skills.

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?
One of the first questions parents and pupils ask. So we’ll be honest… It’s when you feel safe and confident enough to be able to drive without any help from your driving instructor, this includes carrying out all the manoeuvres that are in the driving test, being able to navigate with and without a Sat Nav and negotiate some of the busiest roundabouts and dual carriageways Burton has to offer.
Our instructors are highly trained and will know when you are ready, they will work with you to help you get to that stage, and the more confident you are not making mistakes, you will also know when you are ready.

How Much Will driving Lessons Cost?
This all depends on the above, some pupils will pay more than others, just because we all learn differently. Some pupils can pick it up in 20 lessons, others it will take longer, so will need to budget for more lessons as they progress.
Don’t just buy cheap driving lessons, this could cost you more in the long run.
Before you decide on your driving lessons and driving instructor in Burton read their reviews from their previous pupils, these will almost certainly tell you what their teaching style is like, how easy they to get along with, and how they help you to achieve your goal to pass your driving test first time.

Whoever you decide to take your driving lessons with, we would like to wish you all the best and safe driving.

Mark Jordan.

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