The thing I looked out for the most when looking for a driving instructor was the feedback and reviews from other students. Mark Jordan Driving had the best reviews which instantly reassured me that he will be a great instructor. Once I began my lessons I was surprised by how much progress I was making in such a short period of time. Thanks to my instructor Mark, and his style of teaching. Once I learned a new skill I would be encouraged to practice it on a busier road to really test what I had learned. This way I was constantly making progress as well as realising things that I needed to work on again in the next lesson. I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan Driving to anyone who is looking for a reliable and relaxed driving instructor. As they will teach you to be the safest driver on the road.

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Hi Leanne
Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to send a review of your time with us. As a local business we live or die on reviews and your feedback is very much appreciated.
Just a quick reminder that should you encounter any problems with your driving in the forthcoming months. Or need further clarification on any driving related issue. We are still here to help. Simply call us on 01283 342192 and we will be delighted to assist. All the very best for the future.


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