I first started to find myself a driving instructor that won’t waste my time and just do it for the money, I searched on the internet and looking through the reviews on other driving websites, Mark Jordan Driving was the one I saw many times. I wasn’t sure still but I booked my first lesson with the package of 10 hours what was really good deal and it was the best thing I did, my driving instructor “Richard” was very polite, helpful and just made you feel really comfortable no matter what situation your in what help me pass first time, after doing a couple of lessons I did think about trying to get one hour lessons but trust me the two hour lessons are the best thing for you as you have a lot more time to go through anything you have doubts about and learn a lot more. Thank you to Mark Jordan Driving for the time and focus can’t ask for a better team.

A Message From The Owner

Hi Ben
Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to write this review of your learning experience with us. As a local business, we rely heavily on customer reviews and I really appreciate your time and effort. Your first few weeks and months on the road as a new driver are very exciting and will give you a whole new independence but its inevitable that different situations will crop up as you gain that vital experience. Please be assured that we are still here to help and passing your test is only the first step. Should you feel that you require further guidance or questions crop up then you are more than welcome to call on 01283 342192 or drop us an email to [email protected] and we will be delighted to help out. All the very best and thank you for choosing Mark Jordan Driving School as your training provider.


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