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New to driving? Then this offer is just for you.

The vast majority of learner drivers THINK! that ALL Driving Instructors or Driving Lessons are the same!  

This can be a very costly misconception that often leads to hours of frustration and countless wasted £££££. Almost all Driving Schools / Driving Instructors will tell you they offer quality driving tuition but how many can prove it? 

We make extensive use of customer reviews to give unbiased view of our service and tuition but I am keen to go one step further and offer you an insight into our  “Beginners Deal”. 

SAVE £60.00 with our 10-hour ‘Beginners Deal’ at just £220 

We are so confident in our abilities to deliver both service and quality tuition that if you are prepared to “Trust Us” with ten hours of your tuition, we will give you a massive discount to kick start your driving tuition with us.  

SAVE £60.00 with our 10-hour ‘Beginners Deal at just £220


We DO NOT attempt to compete with “cheap” lessons but compete with customer success. You will benefit from our skills and dedication and should you not be COMPLETELY satisfied with either the service or tuition, I will personally action a FULL REFUND*

When choosing a driving instructor, the most important thing for me was to feel comfortable. And be made to feel confident in my ability to drive. As I had never driven before. Other factors that were important to me. Was to be able to find someone that I could get along with and that would stay patient throughout the whole process of learning to drive. Learning to drive was completely different to what I expected, as I thought it would be a few weeks before I would really be trusted to go on the roads. However, on the first lesson I was already getting first hand experience on the road. I also didn’t expect to enjoy driving, but after a few weeks I was really enjoying it. Read More……..

When I was looking for a driving instructor I had no idea what I was looking for, I think the main things I wanted were a good price and someone that I can be comfortable when learning, however you can’t tell this unless you try a few lessons to start with. Mark Jordan Driving has a beginners discount which definitely attracted me to give him a go. Before I started learning to drive I didn’t know what to expect whether I’d be thrown right in at the deep end and start driving around causing chaos on the roads or just learning how to start a car and drive straight. But when you start for the first lesson you can get to grips with the basics of moving off and stopping and overall control over the car in a quiet area with little to no passing road users. The teaching methods he uses are very effective and easy to understand which include acronyms, demonstrations and learning things on the move. Read More……..

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