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Driving Instructors in Burton - Sarah

Customer Review Burton – Sarah Passed 

Driving is not something that has come easy to me, but with the help of Jamie as my Instructor from Mark Jordan Driving School – I was able to pass my driving test this week.
I chose to go with Mark Jordan Driving based on the reviews and structure of the lessons, but Jamie completely surpassed my expectations. From the start he and the driving school made the extra effort to ensure that I was set up for success. Even before starting lessons, I received all the information and phone calls to prepare me -providing everything that I needed to ease my nerves and uncertainties before even sitting in the driver’s side of the car.
Each lesson was clearly thought out and tailored to my needs (be it new skills, improving maneuvers, or ensuring I was comfortable) and has helped me develop into a safe driver. Each 2 hour lesson was followed by a progress tracker and discussion on what the next lesson should consist of, allowing me to look back and see how far I had come.
Jamie is a very patient instructor who immediately made me feel at ease and gave me not only the courage I needed to get behind the wheel, but also convinced me I was capable of driving safely without any anxieties. He always goes the extra mile in ensuring I got what I needed out of the lesson and provided extra materials (photos and videos) for me to refer back to.
I would highly recommend Mark Jordan Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive – I always felt that I was a valued student who was listened to, encouraged and was motivated to succeed- the lessons were always the highlight of my week and although I am so happy I have passed my test, I will miss my lessons with Jamie!
Sarah – Burton

Driving instructors in Burton - Shane

Customer Review Burton– Shane Passed

I had a great experience with Mark Jordan Driving School, with Richard as my instructor. I needed an instructor with some flexibility on lesson times, and the patience to be able to explain things in a variety of ways –
Richard absolutely delivered on both of these. I always felt encouraged to ask questions, and if I ever had trouble getting my head around a concept, Richard would able to explain it in as many different ways as I needed, be it through words or drawing diagrams on his iPad.
Having 2 hour lessons was very helpful as it ensured we could spend as long as I needed on questions, plus it often enabled us to drive further out of town for more variety in routes. Richard’s lessons would finish with a discussion of how they went and we’d use that to decide what we wanted to work on in the following lesson.
This ensured that every lesson had a goal in mind, so whether it was spent tackling something new or just honing the current skill set, we were always able to see some improvement over the previous week. As Richard would write up these notes and email them to me, I could read and watch videos in preparation for the next drive.
This written log of my progress also meant that even after having to miss a few months of lessons due to the early 2021 lockdown, when lessons resumed it was easy to pick up exactly where we left off. Between the flexibility in timeslots and Richard’s expert guidance, lessons were never an inconvenience and I always felt like I got my money’s worth.
I’m glad I chose Mark Jordan Driving School and would recommend it to anyone else considering learning to drive.
Shane- Burton

driving instructors in Swadlincote - Catriona

Customer Review Swadlincote – Catriona Passed 1st Time

I began learning to drive while living away at university but because of Covid hadn’t passed by the time I graduated and moved back home.
I then chose to learn with Mark Jordan Driving on a friend’s recommendation. My lessons were with Jamie and were far better than my previous experiences as he was professional and patient the whole way through, helping me to actually enjoy driving.
Jamie is very friendly and is great at making you feel at ease when you are nervous. The lessons had a clear structure and were tailored to the skills that I personally needed to work on or was less confident about.
Any mistakes I made were talked about calmly and not dwelled on, making sure I learned from the experience and moved on.
Having a fixed 2 hour time slot each week was perfect for me and debriefing after every lesson ensured I got the most out of each lesson.
I would definitely recommend Mark Jordan driving School to anyone looking for a driving instructor, especially those that are nervous! I really enjoyed my lessons and thanks to Jamie I passed first time!
Catriona – Swadlincote

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  • Fully qualified instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition and driving lessons in BurtonSwadlincoteAshbyCoalvilleLoughborough and Hinckley.
  • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions.
  • Many students search driving lessons near me. But we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest.
  • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack reviews?
  • It’s often a big mistake to choose driving schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone. It may cost more to learn in the long run.
    We are nearby for new drivers and highly rated by our customers which is great news

Hi my name is Mark Jordan, and I am the owner of Mark Jordan Driving. It’s great to meet you! You’re in safe hands with us as your driving lessons will be tailored towards exactly what YOU need from them – so whether it’s help with confidence building or developing safer defensive techniques please give us a call because we can do both 🙂 

Myself along with all other local instructors here at Mark Jordan Driving have had amazing success rates, due not only to our excellent training methods but also by creating an environment where customers feel welcome, which has resulted in having families returning again & again after receiving tuition services too their satisfaction without fail (and there have been many).

What is it like to learn how to drive with a professional driving instructor? The world of driving can be a confusing one, with so many different types and levels out there. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered here at Mark Jordan Driving School; we will help guide beginners through their first time on the road while also giving more experienced drivers some tips they may not know about on how to improve their driving skills even further.

Mark Jordan Driving School offers “Success Based Driving Lessons” where we take the time necessary for each student and build on skills, including confidence. Our patient driving instructors will guide you through every step in order make sure that your driving lessons go smoothly!

We’re here to help you pass your driving test with flying colours! Whether it be in Burton-Swadlincote area or anywhere else within a radius from those towns, we offer quality lessons at an affordable price guaranteed by family values which have helped us achieve tremendous success rates over time.

If you’re looking for driving lessons and a driving instructor, but don’t know where to start or what defines a good driving instructor– look no further. You will find detailed information on all of these topics and our Satisfaction Guarantee here on our website.

Kind Regards

Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan Driving School Owner